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Discount Home Styling: Get Out of a Decor Rut

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December 31, 2012

Tired of the same old style in your home but can’t afford to buy many new things? With a small budget, you can make some big decorating changes without buying big pieces. Simply adding in different accent colors, different accessories and even rearranging can make a room feel almost newly decorated.

Develop Your Accent

Start with changing your accent colors. If you’re bored with the current colors of your vase, candles, and knickknacks, wrap them up for another year. Then it’s time to choose one to three new colors. From small items, like candles, to larger ones, like throw pillows, once you choose a new theme the same old same old couches and walls won’t be the focus anymore. You can brighten up a neutral room by adding blues, greens and oranges or add depth to a light-colored room with black, red and dark green accents. If you feel the room is dreary, try colorful yellow and blue accent pieces.  Now it’s time to hit up yard sales, thrift shops, church craft sales and discount stores for your new accessories. Or search for end of season sales, discounts and close-outs to stretch your budget. If you can afford it, a new area rug or curtains can make a world of difference too.

Work With the Seasons

Many of us really go wild at the Holidays and the house just glows with color, sparkle and warmth. When all that comes down in January, it can look a little plain at home. Experiment by using colored indoor Christmas lights on an artificial trees to light up a corner of a room. Consider adding colorful bowls and collections of natural items to various tables – changing them as the seasons change. You can use feathers, nuts, twigs and pinecones in the fall and winter. Swap it out for rocks, driftwood and  shell collections in the summer months.  Fill bowls with silver and gold ornaments, jewelry and baubles to add some glimmer to a room.  Take a walk outside and cut whatever is in season-not just flowers, but leaves, and greens, and bring a bit of nature and seasonal color indoors.

Get Rearranging

This is something I did recently and it makes me feel like I have a new room. I brought the den coffee table and end tables into the living room, then I sold my old living room table on a local buy and sell group. (Selling old pieces and using the money for previously owned furniture is the way to go!) Then I took an old toy trunk that was in the playroom, put it in my den as a coffee table and draped it with a lovely black and white fabric checker board for a whimsical look.Look around bedrooms and spare rooms to see what you like that can be rotated  out and be in the main living areas for a while.

Splash Some Paint

Another change can be in simply painting the walls. Whether you opt to redo an entire room, or one wall, a new color goes a long way. If you are creative, stenciling walls or even painting and distressing pieces of furniture can make a world of difference in a room. A recently painted ottoman in my home, going from drab brown to turquoise, looks amazing.

Whatever your budget, your home is your haven and you want it to not only reflect your personal style but to be a source of happiness when you look around. So choose to make a few small decorating swaps to see some beautiful and colorful changes around the house.

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