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Easy Ways to Make Holiday Meals Healthier

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October 4, 2017

Holidays are a time of family meals and festive treats; it’s also a time when many of us permit ourselves a little splurge. Still, it’s possible to make holiday meals a little healthier with these simple tips.

Sour Cream Substitute

Whether you’re topping a baked potato or making your favorite dip recipe, you can avoid fat and calories by using plain, low-fat Greek yogurt instead of sour cream.

Curb the Carbs

Have you tried mashing cauliflower instead of potatoes to cut carbohydrates? You can also rice cauliflower as a substitute for regular rice. Or make low-carb pasta dishes by pouring your favorite sauce over zoodles—zucchini noodles—instead of noodles.

When you serve yourself, limit the number of carbohydrates you include. Most of your plate should be filled with lean protein and vegetables.

Don’t Graze

Make it a rule that you will only eat when you’re sitting down at the  table. This will prevent you from taking little tastes while you’re cooking, or grabbing “just one” when you pass the cookie platter or candy dish. If you do allow yourself an occasional treat, sit down at the table to enjoy it.

Eat Only One Serving

It’s far too easy to over do it when you go back for seconds. Try to avoid seconds altogether, or limit yourself to vegetables and fruit, and skip the carbohydrates and sweets.

Indulge Carefully

If holiday dinner doesn’t feel complete without a piece of pie or a homemade roll, then allow yourself an indulgence so you won’t feel deprived. Just don’t over do it!

By making a few simple changes, you will minimize weight gain during the winter months. (Bonus tip: when the meal is over, take a walk. Not only will the exercise aid digestion—you’ll feel better too.)

Do you have healthy holiday eating tips to share?

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