The Word on Wellness: Staying Calm in 2014

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February 18, 2014

Just like the fitness world, the world of wellness has its own set of trends that crop up each year.  So what can we expect to hit store shelves, gyms and the apps arena?  Will green juice still be big in 2014? Absolutely! When we take a look beyond workouts what can we do that will keep us calm, fit and happy in the upcoming year?  Let’s find out.

Does a Body Good

We all need more sleep, calmer days, and a feeling that puts our minds and bodies front and center in emotional and spiritual wellness.  If you ever felt a lift in spirits upon smelling your favorite perfume or food then Aura Cacia, Chakra Roll-ons might be a good thing to stow away in your gym bag, purse or office. It’s a set of seven organic essential oils, each one working with an individual chakra to give it emotional and spiritual support.

I’m betting you need more than the latest cute and clever “Keep Calm” sign to have you feeling at ease.  A long running tension tamer, magnesium helps to balance and relax the mind and body.  Often seen in health food stores as nerve tonic pills there is a new way to feel relaxed and help with sleep.  The Calm Magnesium Powder Drink (a yummy raspberry-lemon flavor is available) is perfect before bed or whenever you are feeling stressed.

Everything in Moderation

Optimal health comes from a balance in the mind, body and soul.  You can cut out all the fat, gluten, alcohol and sugar you want.  Cleanse numerous times a year and get rid of all toxic chemicals in your home or for your body but if you go to extreme in any one area the balance is gone and with it your sanity.  The old saying “Moderation is key” has never been truer.  For 2014, a little bit of everything in moderation helps keep us happy, healthy and strong all across the board.  Too much elimination or indulging displaces us and we end up creating even more havoc on our systems and in our lives.

Do Detox Digitally

We all have that friend who is starting a cleanse, finishing a cleanse or right smack in the horrific middle of a detox. Why not try a new way to detox?  A digital detox is the latest wellness trend.  Disconnect from your phone, computer and social media networks for a day or two to fully recharge your mind, body and soul. It does the whole you good. Next time put a full-stop ban on all social media for a weekend.  My guess is that you will feel more connected in a whole other way and that’s a good thing.

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