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Face Mask: The Latest ‘It’ Accessory

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June 5, 2020

Is the face mask the fashion trend of 2020? It is a contender as people all over the world come to grips with the idea that wearing a face-covering is now a necessity when leaving their homes.  Fashion designers, DIYers, and Etsy retailers everywhere are hard at work creating masks that let you show the world your sense of fashion, your personality, and your personal style. 

Some designers are already working on seasonal options for the upcoming fall and winter. I found a variety of retailers offering their take on the face mask for both adults and kids. With the face mask here to stay for a while, we may as well find patterns and types we love.

Before You Buy

Before you purchase your face mask you need to take into consideration a few things. Please note that stylish versions of face coverings are not medical grade. It is important to find a mask that is made from breathable material, preferably cotton as it provides less irritation to the skin. Some masks contain spandex or porous linen. If you are allergic to any type of fabric make sure your mask does not contain this fabric. Avoid absorbent fabrics like terrycloth too.

Masks need to be machine washable. This is a reusable mask and keeping it sanitary is the most important factor. Also, consider how adjustable you need or want the mask to be. Some masks come with a built-in adjustable bridge at the nose to ensure a good fit. Some masks do not. Do you need a mask that ties around your head or do you prefer ear loops? These all factor into your face mask of choice!

Just for You (& Kids Too)

Old Navy introduced all cotton masks with ear loops this month. Ship dates are for early June. Masks are made for adults and come in affordable packs of five for $12. You cannot pick your pattern because Old Navy is using cotton clothing scraps from this season. Designs are on-trend and colorful. 

She In is all about versatility and affordability. Their cotton masks come in scarf form which cover your neck and face. They offer a variety of scarf patterns as well as the traditional ear loop face masks in florals, plaids, and animal prints. Prices range from $1 to $7 making them stylish and economical.

For the kids, options abound on Etsy with the option to buy matching masks for a doll is available. There are a variety of styles, sizes, and fabric patterns available so that your kiddo can find one that they might wear for longer than five minutes.

Disney created cloth masks in solo or multi-packs with popular character designs and faces to show off to the outside world. Find one for every member of your family.

Lucky Brand Clothing company is offering five masks for $25 while donating masks with each purchase.  Packs include basic patterns in neutral tones that are unisex in style. 

Have you purchased a fashionable face mask, or did you DIY it? 

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