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Antique selection is a subjective process, but there are some basic guidelines that can help you make better choices. If you’re new to the world of antiques, here’s a quick overview of what to look for when selecting an antique

Antique Grandfather Clocks Value

Antique Grandfather Clocks Value: How Much Is My Grandfather Clock Worth?

Antique grandfather clocks are extremely popular among amateur and professional antiques collectors. Most antique grandfather clocks for sale are substantial items that can have an imposing and impressive presence to a room – providing an amazing antique focal point for most homes. Valuing an antique grandfather clock can be a tricky business and if you…
Antique Chair Identification Guide

Antique Chair Identification Guide: How Do I Know If My Antique Chair Is Valuable?

Humanity has used chairs for a significant time, although the designs and production techniques have evolved over the millennia. The earliest records of chairs originated from Ancient Egypt, where chairs appeared in several Egyptian tomb paintings and date as far back as the 3rd Dynasty (circa 2650-2575 BCE). Ancient Greece also had a commendable history…
Silver Hand Antique Mirror

What Is the Value of My Antique Mirror? (Vanity, Dresser, Silver Hand )

Genuine antique mirrors are an incredible addition to any home. Their often ornate frames and mottled glass surface grace sitting rooms, hallways, and bedrooms with an elegant ambience. Mirrors were first produced in Ancient Roman and Greek times – people would polish up a metal surface to make it highly reflective! Mirrors as we know…
Antique Tea Cups Value

Antique Tea Cups Value: How to Get the Value of Old Tea Cups and Saucers

An antique tea cup is a beautiful thing to behold – typically ornate or simply elegant, these items are a highlight in any kitchen or displayed in a cabinet. These delightful items are highly collectible and affordable compared to many antique categories, which makes them a great addition to any collection. Designs can vary greatly…
Antique Cedar Chests

Antique Cedar Chests: The Beginners’ Guide To Value And Identify Old Pieces

Chests have early origins all the way back to the Egyptian Era and Middle Ages. During those times, chests were mainly portable storage devices that contained the goods of a whole family. Sometimes, these pieces of furniture were the only ones a family could afford to possess. Hence, they served multiple purposes, doubling up as…


The most common types of collectibles include coins and stamps, which are easy to buy and sell online. Other popular types include sports memorabilia, comic books, toys, figurines and toys like Barbie dolls or action figures. People also collect rare books or art pieces such as paintings or sculptures. Antique furniture is another option if you’re looking for something decorative that will also appreciate in value over time

1979 Dollar Coin Value Chart

1979 Dollar Coin Value Chart (Did One Actually Sell for $15,000+?)

The 1979 Dollar (AKA “Susan B. Anthony Dollar”) is a gem among coin collectors. Not only is the coin vintage, but high-quality sets are also quite rare. These features make the coin particularly valuable in the numismatic world. Yet, there’s more awe-inspiring news for you to know about this valuable collectible’s worth and essence. We’ve…
1880 Morgan Silver Dollar Value

1880 Morgan Silver Dollar Value Chart: How Much Does it Worth Today

Collecting coins has been a popular yet exclusive hobby for centuries. All around the world, passionates are hunting for the most spectacular and valuable coin types. If you are wondering what attracts most of them, I will tell you that it’s a mix of aspects. People that have the hobby of collecting coins usually start…
1923 Penny Value

1923 Penny Value Chart: How Much Is A 1923 Penny Worth Today?

Are you a hunter of rare American coins? Then you most probably have the Lincoln penny on your wishlist. Why? Well, because I honestly believe that this coin which has been in circulation for more than a century, is a must for any passionate collector. Now, even though these coins were minted in 1923 when…


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