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Blog of the Week: MOMables

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February 5, 2012

Congratulations to MOMables™: the SocialMoms Blog of the Week!

Looking for innovative ways to get your kids to eat a healthy lunch? Feeding your kids wholesome food doesn’t have to be complicated. MOMables picky-eater, kid-tested recipes are made quickly — in ten minutes or less — with simple and fresh ingredients. They even streamline the lunch making process with a weekly menu and a shopping list.

I recently chatted with Laura Fuentes, chief mom of MOMables about running the site and her goals for the new year.

SM: What was your inspiration for starting MOMables?

My daughter, who has severe food allergies to phosphates (a common ingredient in processed foods), began to ask for the packaged lunches her friends were eating.  I set out to make food that looked like what their friends were eating but made fresh in my kitchen. After months of recipe testing and recreating lunches; parents at my daughter’s school began to ask me to share the recipes and to create a simple plan they could follow having little or no kitchen experience.  I knew my passion for food could help other busy parents feed their children uncomplicated fresh food.

SM: What has most surprised you about running the site?

The most surprising thing about creating MOMables is the number of parents who struggle to make healthy and fresh school lunches.  We live very busy lives and often times parents struggle coming up with new ideas.  I receive a lot of feedback from parents on our recipes and how much they enjoy having a simple plan they can follow.

SM: What are you most passionate about?

I am passionate about feeding children wholesome food made fresh.  I am a busy full time working parent with 3 children ages 5, 4 and a newborn.  I know how difficult and time consuming packing school lunches can be so it’s my mission to make it simple and fun.

SM: What is your favorite part of blogging?

My favorite part about the “blog” portion of our site is sharing new recipes, kitchen tips, and lunch ideas with others.  I love sharing small changes that can make a big difference in a family’s nutrition.  In return, healthier changes can have a huge impact in a family’s health!

SM: Do you have any blogging resolutions for the new year?

Some of the resolutions have a lot more to do with doing a better job at balancing work/blogs/home life/kids than the blog itself.  We are excited to be working on a gluten-free lunch plan for next fall and a smart phone app for 2013!

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