Tips for Staying Stylish Before & After Your Workout

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July 10, 2011

Itching for a workout, but, need to drop your toddler off first? Or are you hustling from a workout to the grocery store in record time … all so you can get your fitness in and take care of your responsibilities as a mom?!  Throughout the day, we wear multiple hats – and our clothes need to be up for the challenge.  The one thing we don’t want to do is drip sweat on our kids when we pick them up!

So, being the very athletic mom that I am, I’ve found a few tips and tricks I use daily to both get that workout in and still look semi-put together when I pick my boys up. The most important is being dressed for your workout when you leave the house!

When I choose items for workout to “playout” – I want to make sure they will look good anywhere.  The pieces I’ve chosen for this post are all great for both around the town, as well as in the gym.  And, they’ve stood the test of time with me personally.

Here are a few tips to go from workout to “playout”:

Buy a really good headband.  Lululemon and Prana are my favorites as both companies offer multiple color choices and they stay on my head.  I love them and wear one almost every day.  What’s also great about a headband is that they can also be dressed up or down.  If I have to teach a class right after a workout, I’ll choose my fancier one!

Always carry cloth wipes in your gym bag.  They are a tiny little addition to the gym bag and make a huge difference in how you feel leaving the gym.  My two favorites are Jo-Sha wipes or Action Wipes as they are designed for athletes, are a bit larger than your standard wipe and have fantastic scents like tea tree and eucalyptus.   And if you’re a mom, then, you know how important wipes are for kids, too!

Wear layers. For workout wear, I tend to choose high quality items which I can layer and wear forever.  I love a good black Capri pant that can be worn under a skirt when running errands around town.

Use a gym bag that doubles as an everyday purse.  There is no such thing as a gym bag anymore!  My current purse can accommodate my laptop, an extra pair of shoes, water bottles as well as the regular stuff like cell phones and wallets.

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