Zap Zit Myths in 2015: 5 Acnes Myths Debunked

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January 15, 2015

Out with the old and in with the new! It is time to kick those acne myths to the curb once and for all. Learn the top five myths about acne from face to body and find out ways to stop it. The New Year is all about improving oneself so let’s get started, face first.   

Myth #1: Acne can come from sweating 

There was no time for that post-workout full shower and you had to use some baby wipes or simply towel off and go until you can shower a few hours later. Body acne is sure to crop up! The horror!

The Reality: Sweating does not cause acne. Sweat glands are like your oil pores. What can cause acne is a combination of heat with friction and skin that stays covered up. Meaning those clothes you worked out in have to come off. That goes for sweatbands, hats and helmets too. Take off your clothes, wipe skin down and let it breathe a bit.

Myth #2: Junk food causes break outs  

The Reality: Those fries you ate at lunch or the nacho chips you noshed on while watching The Bachelor will not give you zits. What might be the culprit is your overall diet. Foods with a high-glycemic level (think sugary foods or processed ones) can put androgen production into overdrive causing your hormones to increase oil production and create more breakouts.

Myth #3: Frequent face washing will keep acne away

Washing your face in the morning and at night is A-OK. Scrubbing it and exfoliating more than two-three times a week is excessive.

The Reality: If you are prone to acne or already have it washing your face more than twice a day or exfoliating more than twice a week can irritate skin and dry it out. Your skin will try to balance itself again and overcompensate by producing more sebum, the real culprit in the acne lifecycle. Moderation is key in cleansing.

Myth #4: Sunny days and sun rays clear up acne

Time spent on the beach or the pool is perfectly fine but it won’t zap zits.

The Reality: Sun can dry out acne because it is actually drying out your skin. A darker complexion may mask the acne temporarily but you are better off using a sunless tanner to do that job. The sun will only dry out your skin, cause inflammation and aging. It won’t clear up acne.

Acne Myth #5: Toothpaste pulls double duty as an acne spot cream.

Need a quick fix for acne? Put the toothpaste down! You are better off using ice to reduce the inflammation.

The Reality: There is no salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide in toothpaste to treat acne and it will only dry out your skin. It may dry out the zit but it won’t keep them away. The added flavoring and dyes in toothpaste can also irritate your skin.

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