Cooking Techniques: Videos on How To Do Practically Everything

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February 27, 2015

Ever wonder what spatchcocking is? How long should you boil an egg for a soft boiled or a hard boiled? How about the proper way to cut an onion? Or mince a garlic. How do you shock vegetables to keep them from cooking too long? Even how to hold a knife the proper way.

Well, the New York Times has come up with over 50 short (most are no longer than 3 minutes) videos on how to do a number of different things in the kitchen.

Make a Roux

I learned to make gravy by watching my mother. All she did was mix together cold water and flour, and slowly added it to the liquid broth. Then one day I decided to try out a pot pie recipe that called for making a roux.  So much easier than using the water/flour mix as it always left clumps of dry flour (and often a strong taste) in the gravy. To make a roux, just use equal amounts of flour and butter, put it in a pan on medium high heat, whisk away until it starts to thicken and turn brown. The browner you go, the nuttier it is going to taste. Then you just slowly add your broth and whisk and gravy is done! No lumps.

Poach an Egg

One of the more trickier things to do in the kitchen is poach an egg. Not an easy thing to do without breaking or overcooking the yolk. This video has an added step that they learned from Julia Child. You cook the egg for 10 seconds, break the egg in a bowl and add to the swirling water.This extra step helps the egg retain it’s shape while poaching.

Cut a Mango

Probably my favorite video was on how to cut a mango. I love mango salsa and make it when company comes over. Here I was, peeling the skin off and then trying to hold the mango and slice around the seeds. I would have mango all over my counter by the time I got done cutting it up. Now, I know the right way to do it.

Some of the other videos include demonstrations that teach you to shock vegetables, caramelize onion, butterfly meat, cook shrimp and cut a pineapple.

If you find yourself in a jam and want to know the best way to cut an onion or filet a fish, there is always a place to find it or someone to show you the correct way to do things.

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