8 Ways to Banish Summer Bites, Burns and Rashes

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August 1, 2014

Every Mom knows that summer time brings the dreaded bites, burns, rashes and blemishes that go along with the fun in the sun. Keeping a few simple remedies on hand at home and in your handbag helps you get easy and effective relief for the whole family.

Baking Soda: Great for bee stings. Mix baking soda and water to form a paste and apply over the sting to help soothe the area and calm the intense itching and pain. Baking soda, kept in a sealed jar in your car, can also work like baby powder and help remove sand from feet after a day at the beach.

Vinegar: Another thing to keep in your beach bag. Vinegar can help ease the pain of jellyfish stings and prevent the release of more venom. It can also remove berry stains from hands after indulging in a bowl (or 2) of fruit.

NeosporinI carry a tube in my bag at all times. With 3 children, there always seemed to be a playground cut or scrape. Rinse the wound with water and then apply Neosporin to help kill germs. Keep bandaids in your bag too.

Cortisone and Non-Cortisone Itch Relief: A tube of any anti-itch relief can help a child who is driving you crazy. Experiment to see what works best for each particular child or just use what’s on hand.

Essential Oils: Common oils like tea tree oil deserve a place in medicine cabinets everywhere. They are anti bacterial, anti viral and anti fungal. ALWAYS dilute in a carrier oil (olive, grape seed, almond, coconut) and apply in small amounts. Tea tree can help with acne and foot fungus. Some people say it acts as a mosquito repellent too, when diluted 15 drops to a quart of water. You can also use it when traveling to spray down a hotel shower.

Lavender Essential Oil: is one of the most versatile and can be an effective sleep aid by placing a few drops on cotton next to your bed, misting a pillow with a diluted solution or even just sniffing it straight from the bottle. One drop on a bee sting can help with itching and swelling (but no more than one). Lavendar oil can also soothe burns and relax tense muscles (use diluted in carrier oil). Do not take essential oils internally unless under the direction of a doctor or certified aromatherapist.

Arnica: Dancers have used arnica for centuries for sprains, strains and muscle spasms due to sports injuries. It’s also known for its ability to help bruises fade sooner. Sold in gels, salves or creams, most people are not sensitive but do a small patch test first.

Aloe: Whether you have an aloe plant or aloe vera gel in a bottle from the store, aloe is great for burns of all kinds and especially for sunburns. It provides a cooling relief and helps healing. Store it in the fridge for real cool relief!

Being prepared for summer is always the best remedy and a few simple products on hand can make a huge difference.

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