Trend Watch Winter 2015: Splatter and Daisies

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November 18, 2015

The year 2015 is closing out and with the roller coaster that is the holiday season and ringing in the New Year, it is hard to keep track of all the new trends that are hitting the stores and clogging our inboxes.  Let’s break it down into some fun trends, ones that could be ideas for gifts and décor for your home, and ones you can wear right now and through next year.

Styled Up Splatter

In the 80s the paint splatter look was all the rage. It’s back!  Everything from dishes to home décor and all your favorite accessories (think paint splattered sandals) you can find something to love while adding a dash of color to your world. The paint splatters create an artful pop when used in dishware, throw pillows or as accent pieces on a vase or bowl to display in your home. They are guaranteed to brighten up your décor this winter and spring.

Want to keep it for yourself? A denim shirt done up in a singular splatter color adds edge to a simple denim day. Dresses using wide swaths of paint never go out of style, especially in a watercolor look.

Daisy Chain

Remember the 90s affinity for those cute white and yellow daisies set against a black backdrop? We are bringing that back too! It’s a more mod-style look that can translate to fun and funky accessories like sunglasses, bedecked clutch purses or chunky style heels. Daisy accents on a baby doll dress are for the under 30 set but for a polished look find a fresh looking A-line dress in black with a daisy print or a spray of them across a border.

Get Cuffed

Making the rounds in jewelry trends is the statement piece cuff bracelet. For the end of the year holiday toasts expect to see an array of gold cuffs in thick single pieces, intricate designs and even mixed with diamonds or rhinestones to jazz up the bracelet. Moving forward into spring and summer 2016 they are sure to be done up in bright pastel enamels and gemstones in bold floral designs.

Blush Tones

It may seem hard to imagine wearing blush tone neutrals in the middle of winter but trust me it can be done. In fact, it is a really fresh way to work your wardrobe and some of your blush tone items that tend to get pushed aside in the colder months. When mixed with a dark brown shade, leather fabrics and pieces of gold you can layer the items for a look that is fresh and colorful in some pretty drab months. Look for camel hues, turquoise, black and orange shades to winterize this color trend.

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