Eyebrow Shaping & Care: 101

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June 23, 2021

Many beauty store aisles and products are dedicated to the care and keeping of your precious eyebrows. It can seem daunting and if you don’t know where to begin, it is completely overwhelming. Don’t fret. We have the tips and tricks for eyebrow shaping–whether you want to play them up or just keep them tidy and neutral.

In the Beginning

We all have a certain line or natural shape to our eyebrows. The first step to eyebrow shaping is to work with what you got. That means finding where your natural arch in your brow hits its peak and then tweezing accordingly. To figure this out simply stand in front of your mirror (no small or magnified ones for this job) and see if the beginning of the brow is aligned with the center of your nostril. The arch should fall over the back third of your eye. The length of the brow should be the length of your eye. If it doesn’t you need to tweeze it with slanted tweezers.

To Tweeze or Not to Tweeze

Once you have determined the lines and natural shape of your brow it is up to you whether or not you want to tweeze them yourself or leave it to a professional. I like to start with a professional twice a year for guidance and then work within their lines.  If you tweeze at home, grab your magnifying mirror and take it hair by hair.

  1. Remember this basic rule to eyebrow shaping: The front of your brow should never drop below the back part of the brow. Don’t over-pluck the top of the brow either as it adds an unnatural look.
  2. Never tweeze your eyebrow into a straight line.

Beyond the Basics

Now that you have your eyebrows neat and shaped properly you can decide to fill them in and add some definition or work with their natural color. Note: Light hair should go a shade or two darker on the brows. All others should match exactly with a matte soft brow shadow or eyeshadow. A gel coat or brow tint can work well for light-haired eyebrows.

  1. Pencils can look greasy and smear their color. Look for a matte brow or eye shadow to enhance your brows or fill in bald spots.
  2. Using a soft, short wedge or liner brush and start at the center of the brow and work outward to the tip. Then move back to the beginning of the brow. A soft toothbrush can also do the trick.
  3. Finish up with a clear brow gel or clear mascara to keep the hairs in place. Hairspray on a toothbrush can work well in a pinch.

Regular tweezing and practice with the shadow or gel will add a more polished look to your everyday look.

What do you do for eyebrow shaping? Share in the comments below!

Plus, whether to tweeze, wax, or thread your eyebrows?

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