Top 10 Free Online Workouts

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October 26, 2016

Whether you are hitting the road or like exercising at home, you can find quality workouts online with just a click. Taught by skilled trainers, these workout videos offer helpful tips, adjustments, and encouragement to help you get in shape—on your own schedule and without too much damage to your wallet. I should know because I’ve tried out a number of them, and I’ve highlighted my top ten here (in no particular order) for you to try:

  1. Fitness Blender, which was created by husband and wife team Kelli and Daniel, offers over 300 online videos lasting from three to 20 minutes. A great combination of simple HIIT routines and more, the easy to follow moves and embedded timer are great when you are short on time, or if you tend to get bored easily.
  2. Barre3 by Sadie Lincoln is my go-to when I need something more challenging than yoga, but don’t want to stress my joints with HIIT. You can find Barre3 on YouTube with timed workouts ranging from ten minutes to an hour.  It ‘s a great way to try a barre-type workout, and doesn’t require a lot of equipment.
  3. Tone It Up with Katerina and Karena makes swimsuit season less scary to contemplate. Their ‘Mermaid Bikini Workout’ is fun and challenging. This inspiring duo strengthens, stretches, and works specific areas in a beachside setting.
  4. Yoga with Adriene (YWA) is all-inclusive. Everyone can find something to love and use on Adriene’s YouTube channel. From sweating to stretching, finding calm or banishing a bad mood, Adriene can help.
  5. CaféMom Studios is perfect for the post-baby body. Filled with circuit training, pain reduction techniques, and strengthening workouts that also combine flexibility, it creates a soothing yet energizing environment for new moms to get back in shape.
  6. Pop Sugar is a great resource for exploring different style workouts. It offers both quick and dirty regimes and longer routines, so you can try out a variety of star trainers and find the best fit for you. The workouts are fun and informative.
  7. BeFit was my first foray into squeezing in a workout via laptop. I love the different style trainers and classes that range from beginner to advanced, and from short to long. The mobile app is great when you are on the go.
  8. Betty Rocker not only offers a free 30-day challenge guaranteed to whip you into shape, her website also includes daily videos, recipes, affirmations, and advice for creating a balance in your life.
  9. My Free Yoga includes numerous yoga classes taught by a multitude of instructors. You can even select workouts that focus on problem areas of the body, such as your shoulder or back.
  10. XHIT Daily is tons of fun—especially if you are a celebrity junkie. For example, you’ll find Rhianna’s butt workout and her celebrity trainer, too.  Exercises like the ‘Muffin Top Melter’ are fun and fast.

What are your favorite online workouts?

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