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Simple Craft and Decor Ideas for Autumn and Thanksgiving

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November 12, 2012

The stores have already got their holiday displays up.  You may already be working your way through your holiday gift list. Before the hustle and bustle really settle in, why not make the month of November a time to celebrate the things for which we are thankful?  With a little time and energy, and perhaps even the help of a crafty and willing child, create some projects to boost your thankfulness during the season.

There are a variety of fairly simple craft projects you can create – including banners, wreaths, and lollies.  You may even have the basics for these projects in your home right now.

String It

A banner is a simple string of paper shapes which can be any size, shape or color you prefer. Your banner can be triangles, circles, or even pennants, with the letters of your chosen message adhered to paper shapes. Years ago, I found the words GIVE THANKS in orange sparkly letters. I backed this with autumn themed paper, and I strung this in the doorway between our living room and dining room. When this banner is hung, we are reminded daily to be thankful.

Get Glowing

Altering candles is another simple but lovely project. Take basic pillar candles, cut strips of autumn patterned paper, and adhere them around the middle of the candle like a belt. To this strip of paper, you can attach hand cut leaves, colored buttons, or even strips of matching ribbon. Make several of these candles with coordinating papers and colors, and group them for maximum effect.

Circle It

A simple craft store wreath can be embellished with paper or shapes for the season.  You could have your children use a black sharpie and put faces on pumpkin shapes and attach those to a wreath shape. I took a grapevine wreath, made some pinwheels and a mini-banner, and got my finished result.

Showcase It

Your main dining table can become center stage for a clustering of small projects. Fill a glass jar with paper lollies, have the kids make pine cone turkeys, and cut out a smattering of leaf shapes to strew around the base of your projects. Arrange all of this on a glass platter or a remnant of autumnal shaded fabric. The colors of the season become a focal point.

Be Thankful

Finally, a wonderful way to share your specific thanks is to hang up a thankful tree. Using an opened up paper grocery bag, or several large sheets of brown construction paper, create a large bare tree and hang it on a wall.  Cut leaf shapes out of red, orange, and yellow construction paper, and place in an envelope at the base of the tree. Over the course of the month, your tree will go through autumn in reverse, getting leaves added as your family records items for which they are thankful, and attaches them to the tree. On Thanksgiving day, take time to read through your leaves, and revel in the spirit of thankfulness you’ve added to your home during the month.

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