Start Prepping for Spring Renewal

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February 14, 2014

In a few short weeks (if we’re lucky) the flowers will start emerging and with that short sleeves and sandals. Are you ready to show some skin? Many of us have hidden under long sleeves these last few months and maybe neglected our skin, hair and feet a little more than we admit. We may have even gained a few pounds over the holidays.

Here are 5 things you can do NOW to get your body and skin glowing for those sexy spring fashions.


Whether you use a store-bought scrub or a homemade version, exfoliating your body twice a week helps removed dead skin and makes skin glow. You can also consider getting a body brush and dry brushing, or even brushing in the shower after you get wet. Either way will remove any dead skin and help your skin glow. Also consider a gentler scrub for your face twice a week to slough off dead skin and revive facial skin.

Get a Pedicure

Head to the local salon or do it yourself, it doesn’t matter. But make sure you use disinfected tools. Soak your feet first and use a pumice on any calluses to get your skin in tip-top soft shape. Use a fresh spring color on your toes. This year’s nails trends includes sheer high gloss colors, embellished whites and textured polishes.

Enjoy a Mask

Facial masks are an excellent way to add needed moisture, battle break outs or revive dull skin. Clay masks help to detoxify while moisture masks drench your skin. Peel off, enzyme and scrub masks work to unclog pores. Don’t forget to use it right down onto your décolletage area too. Homemade masks can be as simple as mixing honey with lemon or apple cider vinegar to heal and moisturize skin. Another option is to mix powered milk with water to form a paste and apply to face for 10-20 minutes. Skin will feel smooth and glow after using masks.

Start Fresh

Regardless of whether you choose to add the color of the year into your makeup drawer, spring is a time of renewal so it’s a great time to throw out any old, half-used, dried makeup and purchase some new items. It’s also a good time to go lighter with lip glosses for a fresh face look and replace mascara (shelf life is usually 3-4 months)

Get in Shape

If you’ve packed on a little winter weight (and who hasn’t after this brutal season?) don’t wait for spring to start an exercise plan. If it’s warm enough, start a daily walk around the block and double the distance as soon as you feel comfortable. Pick up hand weights and add strength training twice a week to build or maintain muscle, which in turn revs up your metabolism. Head back to the gym with a friend. Consider yoga, if you never have done it. Yoga uses your own body weight as resistance and has multiple health benefits.

Spring is definitely a time of rebirth and renewal. You’ll feel so good about yourself as you clean out and adopt new healthy habits to get ready for spring!

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