Defend Your Home from Ants the Natural Way

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May 25, 2015

It’s that time of year again, when ants being their march from the great outdoors into your home. Though tiny, they tend to invade by the army, creating a pesty household problem. Hold off on the chemical laden sprays, and try these techniques for battling ants the natural way.

Seal Your Borders:

Follow the ants and determine their point of entry. Spray the area with vinegar, dry, then seal any gaps with silicone caulk. It’s an old legend that ants won’t cross a line drawn in chalk so draw some lines before entry points – it’s worth a try!

Turn Away the Ants:

Give your kitchen a complete spring cleaning. Wipe down all cabinets (both inside and outside) with white vinegar (ants hate the odor). Clear off your countertops and wipe them down twice a day. Make sure that all of our pantry essentials are sealed in food containers. Place some cinnamon sticks at various spots in your pantry or cabinets – ants abhor their odor. Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink. Sweep your kitchen after meals. The ants will soon get the picture that this spring vacation destination has zero tasty dining spots and retreat back to their hilly homes in the great outdoors.

Be an Anthill Home Wrecker:

This is going to sound cruel, but sometimes an ant infested homeowner has no choice but to be an anthill home wrecker. Pour boiling water over any anthills near your home.

Make Your Own Natural Ant Defense Spray:

Pour simple white vinegar into a spray bottle for a simple, natural fungicidal and insecticidal. Spray around your home: vinegar is also a natural cleaning agent, so use the spray to wipe down counters, tabletops, chairs – anywhere you have seen ants crawling. Since it’s safe, you can also enlist to your kids to clean and defend the home from ant attacks. Ants don’t like the odor of peppermint, either, so if you prefer, add a few drops of peppermint essential oil and about 2 TBS of liquid soap to a spray bottle filled with water.

Grow an Anti-Ant Garden:

Ants are sensitive to certain smells of the garden variety, so fill your windowboxes and surround your home with their least favorite veggies and herbs. Basil, chili peppers, garlic, rosemary, lavender and peppermint are all the elements you’ll need for an anti-ant garden.

On a final note, it may take awhile to eradicate the ants completely, so keep up with your defenses and stay the course. Keep it natural so you don’t have to worry about not just the ants – but also your pets and children – from feeling the negative effects of pesticides.

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