Quitter Pants? Not Anymore!

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June 3, 2015

I used to come home from work, put on UGGs, some pajama shorts and an unmatched shirt, and carry on with my day. Sometimes my husband would tease me about my outfit, often because it didn’t match or that the warm cozy UGGs, seemed to contradict the booty short shorts.

Then I heard a marriage counselor on TV advise against this practice. I started to change out of my work clothes (which my husband thinks are hot) into a normal outfit that still looks good and I tried to do this so my husband knew that I still cared how I looked for him.

Fast-forward to last month when I read Eva Mendes’ comments about 50% of marriages ending because of sweatpants. Although the notion seems ridiculous, I felt compelled to blog about what my friend refers to as “quitter pants.” I can only imagine they are a cheaper version of Eva Mendes’ sweatpants.

So what are these so-called “quitter pants?” You know, the pants you put on for Saturday soccer games. The pants you put on go to bed or clean the house. Also called comfy clothes, workout gear, yoga pants, etc. They are all the same — the pants that have slowly morphed from workout gear into everyday attire.

I recently learned this myself. It was a Saturday and I was working around the house doing laundry and cleaning, and invited a friend over for my daughter. I apologized to my friend that I looked horrible and was just doing stuff around the house. I was referring to my hair and makeup, but her response about my “quitter pants” surprised me. Yes, wearing my workout pants for any reason other than working out, meant that I was quitting. That I had given up. That I no longer cared to look good or take care of myself.

What was more interesting was that this was used by a group of women … a group of busy moms who I’m sure have donned the infamous “quitter pants” at some point.

There are several ways to look at “quitter pants.” One could assume that mom was busy and her priorities are her children, thus no time to waste getting picture perfect. Or perhaps that mom has just lost herself and doesn’t care anymore.

Although people in public may not think twice … perhaps that’s the problem. Those who love you most might care.

So instead of donning the “quitter pants” everyday, make an effort to get dressed and show your children and your spouse how fashionable and beautiful you really are.

It may not improve the divorce rate, but it will improve your self-esteem. If not for Eva Mendes, do it for Ryan Gosling.

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