7 Fashionable Films to Watch

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September 25, 2014

Fall brings out the fashion forward feelings in so many of us. Get some inspiration and take hints from these fashionable flicks from the past and present. Like a little black dress, some films never go out of style.

Old School Style

When you think of fashion and film your mind probably queues up The Devil Wears Prada and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Like the world of high fashion there is so much more to this genre than just those two movies. Nothing says glamour more than the films than the golden age of cinema.  Think Hepburn, Bacall, Monroe and Dietrich.

  1. Funny Face (1957) – its Paris complete with Fred Astaire, Audrey Hepburn, Givenchy and a whole lot more. Stay for the gorgeous scenery and dance sequences in the musical and soak up the style and fashion jargon that infiltrates every scene.
  2. Bonnie & Clyde (1967) – Faye Dunaway may be wearing Depression-era duds but her portrayal as Bonnie in this at one-time shocking piece of cinema is all fashion forward. The way she wears her beret to the way her sweaters, skirts and t-strap heels look just –so when worn with a jaunty scarf. It still rings true today.
  3. North by Northwest (1959) – a slate gray suit worn with such grace and athleticism than could otherwise be believed shows off Cary Grant’s skill and strength. Men in suits fill this flick as does a memorable black and red dress by a possibly double-crossing Eve St. Marie.
  4. Rear Window (1954) – the players are Grace Kelly and Jimmy Stewart. The scene is New York City. It’s voyeurism at its best with a whodunit thrown in and all crafted by Hitchcock himself. Full of floral shirtwaists, white organza gowns and some truly stunning suits worn by Kelly that were iconic the moment she waltzed onto the scene.

Recent Reels

The last few years have brought some big-time hits with sumptuous styles and mass hit appeal. Pulp Fiction, American Hustle and DiCaprio’s Great Gatsby to name a few.

  1. A Perfect Murder (1998)– Before Goop Gwyneth stunned in simple New York, blue-blooded ensembles that made Michael Douglas’s plot to kill her pale in comparison. Shawl collars, knee-high boots and turtlenecks are to die for in this film.
  2. The Thomas Crown Affair (1996) – The original 60’s version was the gold standard and the 90’s remake is no slump. Pierce Brosnan and Renee Russo charm each other and the NYPD with pinstripe style and high-collar seduction that still looks good today.
  3. Casino (1996) – Yes, the wide collars are disconcerting but the detail in clothing, jewels and shoes in this film is superb. From gowns, furs and jewel-encrusted mini dresses the over the top styling in this Las Vegas drama is spot on.

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