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Just Plain Flaky: 7 Ways To Make Your Own Breakfast Cereal

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February 20, 2013

I prefer to make foods from scratch so I know exactly what is going into the meal I feed my family. There are some foods I never dreamed of touching, one of them being breakfast cereal. Who would have thought that making breakfast cereal would actually be easy? From bran flakes and granola to cookie inspired creations, your imagination is the only thing that will limit you in your homemade breakfast cereal adventures.

All of these homemade breakfast cereal recipes are perfect served in a bowl with milk, but they also make fantastic portable snacks. We love using dry cereal as a treat for our kids when we are on the go. Whether you are looking for a great snack for your children or a healthy alternative to boxed cereals, these recipes will surely impress.

Bran Flake Cereal

Willow Bird Baking did an awesome post on her experience with making breakfast cereal. She has an easy-to-use bran flake recipe that can be combined with any combination of granola and dried fruits or nuts for a completely unique take on cereal. Check out her 48 Homemade Breakfast Cereals post if you are a lover of granola-based or bran flake cereals.

Grape Nuts

Are you a Grape Nuts fan? If so, Chow has your covered. This Graham Nuts recipe will give you that same crunch but fresh from your own oven. You can also add dried cranberries, cherries, or any variety of dried fruits to take your homemade Grape Nuts to the next level.

Cocoa Puffs

Do your kids, or maybe even you, prefer some chocolate goodness in the morning? This Cocoa Puffs knockoff recipe from Edible Perspective is fantastic and utilizes puffed amaranth and cocoa for a tasty and healthier version of the chocolate cereal classic. Did I mention it is healthier?

Corn Flakes

Corn Flakes are one of the most popular cereals and actually one of the easiest to make yourself. This corn flake recipe from Dancing in a Field with Tansy is perfect for the corn flake lovers out there.


The Just Making Noise blog has a fantastic and healthy homemade cereal recipe that rivals some of the best boxed muesli cereals I’ve tried.

Cookie Cereal

From Cookie Crisps to S’Mores cereal, sometimes something sweet is what you want in the morning. This homemade chocolate cookie cereal recipe from Family Fresh Cooking with give you the sweetness you crave in the morning.

Crockpot Cereal

Yes, you read this right, you can make homemade cereal at home in your crockpot. Mr. Breakfast offers up this Crockpot Cocoa Granola recipe that is perfect served as a dry cereal with milk.

Have you ever thought of making your own breakfast cereal? What is your favorite recipe?

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