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Get Inspired This New Year

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January 5, 2012

It is a brand new year and the perfect time for self-renewal and trying new things.  Every year it seems, we make our New Year’s Resolutions with great hope and expectations and that is great but, they fizzle out by February, or perhaps the second week in January.  This year let us all try some new things …

Make an Inspiration Board – Inspiration boards are absolutely fabulous and can be used whether you are creating a new room, or a new you.  Inspiration boards, are exactly that … boards that inspire you.  It is up to you what goes on … does a certain colour or picture inspire you?  You can add anything you want, a picture from a magazine, a fabric, a theater ticket, whatever you want.  I have several inspiration boards for different reasons and goals.  My New Year board has things I want to do and aspire to this year.

Working out is great and of course much needed for your mind and body.  Work outs tend to get “old” fast, try out some new music, something with a beat that inspires you.  Mix it up, make the new tunes something you do not normally listen to, perhaps some new dance music.  Justin Timberlake or Katy Perry anyone?

Take a class with Oprah – Okay, maybe not with Oprah, but take one of her new online classes.  Start out with Oprah’s Lifeclass, start at the beginning of the course and make a time for yourself every week or during baby’s naptime for you, after all doing things for yourself ultimately makes you a better women, mom and that of course benefits your spouse and children.

Wake up inspired – Something very simple you can do to be inspired; set your homepage on your computer to your favourite home/mom site!  Instead of getting your fill of useless headlines most of which are meant to distract you from your online goals.  Try out some favourites – Better Homes and Gardens, Real Simple, House and Home,  Oprah or even Coastal Living!  All are great ways to start off your day, inspired.

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