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How to Make Your Vision Board for 2020

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March 17, 2020

You’ve no doubt heard of vision boards. People put them together to serve as motivation and set intentions for what they want to accomplish in the months ahead—but do they work? We know from extensive research that visualization is actually one of the most powerful things you can do when setting goals. One great example is Olympians. 

These elite athletes push their minds and bodies past their limits every day in the pursuit of excellence. How do they do it? With a lot of training and visualization. In one study, it was shown that when weightlifters just imagined lifting weights, their brain activity was similar to when they actually did it! 

What Is a Vision Board?

So what is a vision board and how do you make one? As the name suggests, it’s a board that you can hang on the wall or even keep private in a book that is filled with things that you want … but also focuses on how you want to feel. 

Add things that inspire and motivate you to reach your highest potential in love, relationships, personal growth, travel, work, health and more. This is YOUR vision board and it can be about anything you want! 

Don’t take the easy way by typing out your goals. That feels so impersonal and may be less meaningful to you in the long run. Instead, set aside some time to create your board as below. Put your energy into manifesting, and watch your life begin to shift.

How to Make a Vision Board

As Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, suggests, there are six simple steps to making empowering vision boards:

  1. Create a list of goals you’d like to achieve in the next year. 
  2. Collect a bundle of old magazines with beautiful pictures.
  3. Find pictures that represent your goals and inspire you.
  4. Make a collage out of your photos.
  5. Add motivational “affirmation words” that represent how you want to FEEL.
  6. Take a few moments to contemplate your vision board every day.

Here’s the fun part (even if you hated Art class in school). Creating a visual representation of your dreams and goals is an empowering experience, and you should give yourself plenty of time to put it together. You’ll also want to have supplies on hand such as:

  • Posterboard or corkboard (check the dollar store!)
  • Scissors, glue sticks, tape, and/or pins
  • Different types of magazines, depending on your interests
  • Meaningful photos, notes, postcards, and other cool images
  • Stickers, if you’d like to add a little more color and personality
  • Markers, glitter pens, and any fun writing utensils.

If there was ever a time to let go and let your creative juices flow, it’s while making a vision board. Be focused and set your intentions, but have fun and get messy. Maybe you’ll even have a stroke of genius! (Note: Many people host vision board parties where their friends come over with goodies and their own magazines. This can be a great time to bond over your goals!)

Turning a Vision Board Into Reality

Do you want to feel “fearless,” “strong,” “healthy,” “financial free,” or any other empowering emotion? Write those words on your vision board, study it for a few moments every single day, and then let that guide you. You might even enjoy looking at it right before bed at night to give your mind something to work on as you sleep. You might wake up in the morning bursting with ideas!

When things start happening, don’t dismiss it as mere luck or coincidence. Acknowledge and show gratitude for those moments of transformation and growth, no matter how small they appear to be. Every step in the right direction is progress, every stumble is a learning lesson. Let the law of attraction work and believe the life you’ve been dreaming of is already yours.

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