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How to Display Your Holiday Photos All Year Long

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January 9, 2018

Most of us take wonderful photos over the holidays, and it seems a shame to just leave them on the computer, or pack them away in a box. But how can you display your holiday photos besides putting them in a picture frame? Here are a few ideas that may work for you.

Photo Banner

Have you seen the photo banners made with a piece of twine? I’m absolutely in love with them. All you need to do is attach a piece of twine at one corner of the window (or wall) and then again at the other corner. Let it sag a bit in the center and use mini clothespins to attach photos.

Photo Book

I recently created my very first photo book online. I know, I’m behind the times. I had photos of the kids that I wanted to have bound into a coffee table book so everyone could enjoy them over the holidays. I was a bit intimidated by the process, but it was simple to do and it was a major hit!

Photo Album

If you’d rather create something yourself, you can scrapbook your photos in a photo album. There are many different styles of photo albums you can use—a simple album where you just add pictures or albums that allow you to decorate with tags, flowers, stickers, and other scrapbook elements. I use the Project Life method to create my photo albums and it’s very simple to use.

Photo Collage

I like having my photos out in picture frames, but too many frames can look a bit cluttered. Plus, you have to move them around every time you want to dust. Instead, arrange several photos into a collage for one frame. You can set it in your entertainment center, or if you prefer flat surfaces to be clear of clutter, hang the collage on the wall instead.

Get Crafty

There are so many different crafty ways you can display your photos. You can turn them into a puzzle, have them added to the front of a coffee mug, create a photo blanket, turn them into magnets or coasters. Check out Pinterest for more ideas.

How do you display your holiday photos?

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