2017 Fitness Trends to Kick Your Butt

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January 30, 2017

A new year means a new set of fitness trends. Each year we look at what is hot and bring you the latest exercise news. While we can’t do your workouts for you, we can show you what to expect, and 2017 is pulling no punches. This year is more extreme than last, as if we have some issues to work out … pun totally intended! Here is what you need to know before firing up your tablet or hitting the gym.

Body Weight Training

Anyone who does a lot of HIIT workouts (still going strong and steady in 2017) knows that the Body Weight Training (BWT) is a great way to maximize strength without equipment. The BWT style workout is perfect for when you are on the go, traveling, or working out from home. No gym membership required! Easy to learn and good for all fitness levels, Body Weight Training helps you get fit through squats, lunges, planks, and more.

Strength Training

Want to find a packed class full of women at the gym? Want to get strong without bulking up and increase your longevity, not just your strength? If so, you should try a Strength Training session. Cardio can only take you so far; to get stronger and develop more lean muscle that burns calories for longer, you need to build up your strength with one of these popular workouts.


I know what you are thinking, “Again?!” Yes! Yoga is constantly evolving, and the benefits keep growing as well. Think outside Bikram and Vinyasa yoga, and consider classes (in gyms and online) that take you on another journey. Aerial yoga, rope wall yoga, and Piyo style workouts strengthen the body and the mind, too.

Group Personal Training

This is perfect if you don’t want to pony up the cash for a personal trainer. Grab a group of girlfriends and make it a social event that keeps you coming back for more. The motivational factor of having a group behind you—and with you—is intense, and leads to greater levels of weight loss and overall good health. The social element helps boost your spirit, too. Group Personal Training saves you money and allows you time with friends. It’s a win win!

Water Workouts

It’s time to hit the pool and join in the latest craze in the fitness world. Classes that involve being both in and out of the water are where it is at. Think Pilates poolside, and you have Hydro or HIIT class with a lower body workout in the water and planks on dry land for Megaformer.

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