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Fight Winter Blues with a Brighter Home

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January 4, 2018

The holidays are over and the decorations put away. Relatives have all gone home.  Temperatures continue to fall, along with rain or snow. There are dreary days ahead and, for many of us, the winter blues are setting in. This time of year, you’ll be spending more time indoors, so it’s an excellent time to brighten your home and increase the cheer for the dark winter days ahead.

Some easy ideas to get you started:


One easy and very cost effective way to give your kitchen a new look is to paint or stain the cabinet doors. To paint, give the doors a quick sanding and then apply a gloss paint. If you prefer to stain, you will need to sand the doors down to the old wood before applying a laminate to protect the wood and sanding. Think how much brighter your house will be if you paint your cabinet doors a vibrant color!

I haven’t seen knobs on a kitchen cabinet door or drawer in a while, but if you have them, lucky you! Replace wood or brass knobs with bright, colorful ones. Most hardware stores provide a variety of choices.

Living Room

Choose an accent wall and brighten it with a pop of color or a stunning wallpaper design. They now make wallpaper that is easily removable in case you change your mind later.

A blanket will not only keep you warm on cold winter nights, but it will provide a great accent in your living room or bedroom. Knitting or crocheting a blanket can take a long time—unless you arm knit one! Use these instructions for making a scarf, add more at the beginning for width, and then extend it as long as you want.


A headboard will be a great addition to your bedroom, and it is easy to make your own!

  • Measure the width of your bed and buy a piece of drywall in that size at your local hardware store. (Ask the store assistant to cut the drywall to your desired height.)
  • Purchase batting and material from a fabric store. Choose a bright color for the wall or go subtle—that’s up to you!
  • Lay the batting on the wood and then place the material on top.
  • Fold and staple the material all the way around, pulling it tight as you go.
  • Use an interlocking wall hanging device to hang it.

Not being able to attach the headboard to a wall doesn’t mean you have to scrap the project, it will just require different hardware. You can make legs that attach to your bed, purchase metal legs, or remove legs from a table you don’t use.

Brighten your bedroom with an accent blanket, and plenty of colorful pillows.

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