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How To Accessorize Your Closet Full of Jeans and T-Shirts for Fall

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October 25, 2012

There is something about fall fashion that just makes me absolutely giddy. I honestly get this excited feeling in the pit of my stomach when I feel the first chill in the air. Why is that? Because to me, that chill in the air means boots, scarves and fall colored handbags. (It also means a big bowl of soup, but that’s for another article.)

Did you know you can have a closet overflowing with jeans and t-shirts, but create different and very stylish outfits every day with a few basic accessories? It’s true. I wouldn’t recommend a closet only full of jeans and t-shirts, but I get it. We’re moms and we lean towards comfort over fashion. But what I love to tell my friends all the time is – you can have both.

Here are some fun ways to make any fall outfit looked pulled together. Yes, with only your go-to jeans and t-shirts.

Boot Socks

Boot socks are my latest fashion obsession. Pair your favorite t-shirt, skinny jeans and boots with boot socks and you have one very cute outfit. You can also wear boot socks with skirts and leggings and they look amazing. They are so versatile and there are many different styles – including lace, crochet, stripes and solids. We’re talking less than $5 to upgrade your wardrobe.


Scarves have been a staple piece for a fall wardrobe for quite some time now. They are the perfect accessory for adding spunk and color to your outfit. A simple scarf can take a boring white t-shirt and jeans and make you look like you’re in tune with the fall trends.

The easiest option for scarves is the infinity scarf. Just loop it around your neck a couple of times and you’re good to go. Or, if you want to learn all of the different ways to tie a scarf, a simple search on Pinterest or Google will give you the answers you’re looking for.


I’ve been known to change my handbag out three times in one day. Extreme, I know. If you haven’t paid much attention to your handbag lately, now is the time. Consider purchasing a handbag that isn’t black, brown or tan. For fall, go with a turquoise, mustard, red or gold. With a brightly colored handbag, no one will even notice what you’re wearing.


Treat your jewelry choices exactly like your handbag choices. Go for color. Imagine your go-to jeans and t-shirt outfit. Now add that colored handbag with a statement necklace and bracelet.  What do you have? You have a stylish outfit to go to that PTA meeting in.

When it comes to your fall wardrobe, have some fun. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look good and feel confident. My question for you is – will you try boot socks for this season? If so, let me know in the comments section.

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