Not Just Your Mom’s Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving

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November 14, 2016

In recent years, many families have started changing and updating the traditional Thanksgiving meal. Some opt to substitute brussels sprouts for green bean casserole, or zucchini bread for dinner rolls. But most still serve the traditional dessert: pumpkin, apple, or pecan pie. Want to add another pie to your Thanksgiving menu this year? Here is a round-up of new pie recipes by MyRecipes.com editor Darcy Lenz that are sure to become the new Thanksgiving normal!

Beet Tart

The crust of this pie is made with crushed gingersnap cookies and walnuts. The filling is made as a beet tart using gelatin, tawny port, half and half, cooked and strained beets, buttermilk and 5 egg yolks and some sugar. A spread of goat cheese, honey and orange zest takes the place of a regular whipped cream. The kick of the ginger and the earthiness of the beets along with the rich goat cheese opens up all of your taste buds. Recipe.

Chai Carrot Pie

A butter and shortening flaky crust is the vessel for this pie that mimics a cheesecake and a pumpkin pie. The simple cream cheese layer helps to smooth out the strong spices of the top layer. The top layer is composed of a carrot puree packed with some very flavorful spices, including cider vinegar, salt, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and fennel seeds. Recipe.

Coffee-Hazelnut Pie

The sweet “goo” in this pie is reminiscent of a pecan pie. The hazelnut, a much sweeter nut than a pecan, pairs well with the deep flavor of a coffee liquor and instant coffee granules. A little bit of a chocolate-hazelnut spread helps to balance the sweetness in this modern nut pie. Recipe.

Miso-Caramel Apple Pie

Most people associate miso with Japanese food, but the saltiness and tanginess of a white miso caramel sauce take this cross between an apple pie and an apple crisp to a whole new level. The apple filling has both Golden Delicious and Braeburn apples layered between a flaky crust, and a topping of oats, pecans, brown sugar, and butter. After baking, the miso caramel sauce is warmed and spread over the pie. The result? A decadent pie that has fewer grams of sugar than a normal caramel apple pie. Recipe.

Lavender Rice Pudding Tart

Lavender is a flavor that is being used more frequently these days; just be sure not to add too much or your dish will taste like soap. The crust of this tart is made with a dough containing crushed pine nuts. The lavender buds are added to a rice pudding recipe that uses a small amount of sugar rather than sweetened condensed milk. Dollops of blueberry jam are added to the top of the rice pudding filling, creating a pie that is tasty, and not too sweet. Recipe.

Happy Thanksgiving, and let me know what you’re serving for dessert.

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