Jackie O or Aviator? Find Your Sunglass Style

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May 22, 2014

Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial entry into the summer season is already here!  Let’s start it off right with the perfect pair of sunglasses to keep out the harmful UV/UVB rays to protect your eyes and look stylish too.  Find the right size, color and look to suit your mood, face shape and more. Let’s get started!

Shape Shifter

Before you head out the door, or start browsing online, for your next cool pair of shades – take a second to look at the shape of your face. Start by looking in a mirror and pulling your hair back away from your face. Is the shape square or oval? Heart-shaped or round? Is your jaw more square or round? Once you know your face shape you can read up on which sunglass styles work well with your face.

  • Square face: Go for round or oval frames that are wide.
  • Round face: Square or rectangular frames are ideal and add balance.
  • Oval face: Lucky you! You can wear any shape of sunglasses out there. Go nuts and start a collection.
  • Heart-Shaped face: Pick a rimless or half-rimmed pair of shades.
  • Oblong face – A square pair with wide and tall frames is your best bet. Find semi-rimless ones for more balance.

Show Your Style

The best way to determine which sunglasses will work for you is to first consider your lifestyle.  Are you active and need a set that stays in place?  Do you care more about color and making a statement while strutting out and about or do you just want to protect your eyes from the sun and a standard pair of black or brown will do?  Once those questions are answered you are free to move about your mall, local big box store or search online. The choices are endless. Here are some classic styles and what they say about you.

  • Aviators: There is a quiet, laid-back confidence about you. You are a Terminator some days or laying by the pool on others.  Either way, you look good and need time to recharge.
  • Wayfarer: Quirky and stylish.  You don’t care what others think and you have an old school sense of style.
  • Jackie O: You like the go with anything black or brown hues in these shades just as much as you like your privacy.  You can throw this style on with any look and look just right.

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