Back to School Beauty on a Budget: Mom Edition

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September 4, 2015

It’s August. We shop for clothes and books and backpacks. We stock up on lunch foods and snacks. We make sure everything is new and shiny – for the kids. But why not get some new things for us, especially stay at home moms who often put their own wardrobe and beauty products last on the list?

With fall in the air and with whatever budget you have, there are several things you can do to get off to a fresh start and make a nice update for the new season.

Here are 5 ideas to get your own back to school beauty staples without breaking the bank:

1 . Invest in a good haircut and deep conditioning treatment.

If you’re like me, you’ve spent days in the sun, in pools and in the ocean and your hair looks it. Taking off at least two inches will get those summer, straggly ends nice and blunt and fresh looking for fall. Or consider a whole new on-trend look by working with your stylist. Whether you go to a salon for a deep conditioning treatment, or buy one at home, spend an extra 15 minutes at least two times with a deep hair mask on or try a home treatment like coconut oil or mayonnaise. Shiny hair is always in style.

2. Rearrange your closet.

It’s almost time to rotate the sweaters back into the mix, bring out the pants and put away the little sundresses. Although September is warm for many of us, it’s still the transition into fall and nights get cooler, so a little sweater over your day look may be needed. Go through your clothes and donate what you won’t wear or what doesn’t fit and make room to bring home a few nice new pieces.

3. Make time for shopping.

I love getting new clothes each season – who doesn’t? Not everyone can afford a whole new wardrobe and really, who needs that? Buying a handful of new clothes to mix and match with your existing pieces is all that you really need! A great new pair of boots, a stylish jacket and a few new pairs of jeans or skirts can go a long way. Or keep the bottoms from last year and add trendy new fall tops for a fresh look. You can get great deals at outlets and yard sales and they are not necessarily out of style either.

4. Don’t forget to accessorize.

Who doesn’t love a brand new chunky bracelet, long necklace, or super trendy scarf? Remember last year where everyone had a scarf on every day? Well it remains to be seen if that trend continues but to me, a good scarf is a good scarf and can make a plain shirt look extra beautiful! A nice new belt or colorful armful of bracelets can enliven the plainest outfit too.

5. Make the switch to fall colors. 

Little changes like nail polish in rich Autumn shades and deeper shades of lip gloss and blush give a nice fall look. Some fashion forecasts say pales will be in. Whatever you choose, switch it from your standard summer go-to colors for a nice change. A simple walk through a department store or a flip through a fashion magazine, will give you great ideas – everything from boots to sweaters, nailpolish to lip colors.

With the change of seasons coming up and a brand new school year, get ready for your own seasonal fashion and beauty changes and feel great about yourself! Adding even a few new seasonal pieces and colors can revive your wardrobe and keep you right on trend without breaking the bank.

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