Ditch the Sweats: Travel in Style

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July 25, 2013

Many people spend hours planning the perfect outfits for their trip, but rarely do think about the clothes they’ll wear when they actually travel. Ditch those sweats and flip-flops  and go for a look that is just as comfortable and smart!

Clean & Simple

When traveling it is important to look good and feel good.  Think back to the early days of air travel when people dressed for the flight.  Soft separates and structured, but comfortable, pieces will always look great no matter where you are headed.

  • Soft separates are essential when dressing for a trip.  Pair boyfriend jeans or white denim capri pants with a tissue tee or tunic for a casual look. Accent with ballet or D’orsay style flats and a statement necklace for an outfit that is both in style and easy to wear.  Slouchy trousers with a delicate tank top will also work.  One piece sheath dresses are excellent for business travel and they pack up nicely on the way home. Throw your heels in your carry-on bag and wear a pair of foldable flats for extra comfort that doesn’t sacrifice style.
  • Layers are your friends.  You may be going from a cooler climate to extreme heat or enduring lots of frigid blasts from airplane air conditioning. Wear a fitted blazer or a cropped leather jacket over your outfit.  They fold up nicely in your bag for later and keep you happy and warm during the trip.  Add a printed, soft scarf for your neck, to use as a belt or a blanket during the flight.  It will pull the whole look together.
  • Accessories may be the last thing on your mind – but a set of bracelets, drop earrings or bold and brightly colored necklace set off your ensemble to perfection.  Think monochromatic clothing as a backdrop with pops of color in your jewelry and for an outfit that is easily dressed up or down and always chic.

It’s In the Bag, Baby

  • Packing is a daunting task but having the right bag can make all the difference.  A rolling bag with an adjustable handle and hard outer shell is sleek and holds all your luggage.  Invest in a good one and it will travel with you for years to come.  Just remember to keep it carry-on size for maximum use.
  • I have a ridiculously large yellow purse I picked up for under $30 at Target.  It is go-to travel tote with three sections for food, books, travel documents and anything else I may need while en route.  Structured with two types of handles and a bold color it adds serious style. It is also easy to clean. All elements to consider when choosing the right carry-on bag.

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