America’s Best Corn Mazes for Fall 2016

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October 30, 2016

While the fall months may not feel quite as carefree as those long days of summer, there are many great ways to celebrate the season. In addition to the yearly frenzy over infusing everything with a pumpkin spice flavor, people really enjoy apple cider, warming up in a favorite hoodie, and watching the leaves change.

If you haven’t already, you should consider adding a trip to a corn maze to your autumn traditions. Finding your way out of the twists and turns can be a great team building experience for family, friends, and coworkers and most venues offer hayrides, a haunted corn maze after dark, or other activities to extend your time.

Do a search of your area to find out if any local farms feature corn mazes. Or try one of these locations— some of the best across America:

The Great Vermont Corn Maze (Danville, VT)

Once voted one of the 10 best mazes in America, The Great Vermont Corn Maze is celebrating 15 years of “cornfusion.” While the site encourages adults from their mid-20s to mid-60s to visit (and bring along their small children), they do not recommend the maze for “90% of teenagers.” They do, however, say that their smaller maze and barnyard area are perfect for all ages!

Sever’s Corn Maze (Shakopee, MN)

Spread across 14 acres, Sever’s proclaims itself the “Midwest’s original corn maze.” Along with the corn maze (which launched in 1997), guests will enjoy a pumpkin patch, Pumpkin Blasters, live shows, obstacle courses, jumping pillows, and more as part of the Sever Farm’s annual Fall Festival.

Treinen Farm (Lodi, WI)

The Treinen Farm’s 15-acre corn maze is the largest in the state and boasts a host of other fun activities including a new circle maze (which involves singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and doing math), hayrides, horses, a pumpkin patch, and more! If you are ready for a scare, check out their Zompocalypse and celebrate all things zombie.

Conner’s Farm (Danvers, MA)

The Conner’s Farm is transformed into a fall wonderland complete with a seven-acre corn maze, apple orchard, peach orchard, corn cob beach, jumping pillows, country kitchen, grain train, hillbilly pig races, haunted farm, Kids R Ok Corral, and more. Still have more energy? Try your luck at zombie paintball!

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm (Ronks, PA)

The corn maze at the Cherry Crest Adventure Farm may not be the largest at just five acres, but it’s very interactive! You can find your way through the maze the old-fashioned way; you can also choose to do it by flashlight, or as part of a challenge. Other attractions include the Courtyard (pedal karts, wagon rides, and more) as well as the Barnyard area.

Will you be visiting a corn maze this year? Which one, and why do you like it?

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