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5 Eco-Friendly Tips to Keep Halloween Green This Year

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September 17, 2019

As the leaves turn orange, gold, and red, it’s a signal that Halloween is on the horizon. It’s hard to believe that another year has gone by, but, I am already starting to see the Halloween merchandise displayed in the stores as I shop. While it can be tempting to pick up every plastic skeleton and glowing giggling witch you see, here are a few tips to consider first to keep your Halloween green this year.

When it comes to new Halloween decorations for your yard and home, consider first if you can re-use the ones that you have leftover from last year. If you really need new decorations, consider making your own with your children. A cardboard box can be cut down into a tombstone very easily. If you really want newly purchased decorations, see if you can find a second-hand store or a garage sale site to purchase them from instead. You’ll discourage stores from putting so many new decorations on shelves next year.

When it comes to the kids’ costumes, you don’t need to head to the party store to buy new ones. See if you can make costumes from clothes you already have at home. Costumes like a cowboy, nurse, witch or a ghost can easily be homemade. If you have nothing to make costumes with, check out the second-hand stores and see if you can find one that is pre-owned. And, when you’re done with costumes this year, donate them for someone else to use.

Try to buy a pumpkin from a local, sustainable farm this year and consider growing your own next year! Avoid the plastic pumpkins for decorations and instead, use real ones. When you’re done with Halloween, you can always bake a pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread. Or, you can compost it and let the animals enjoy it over the winter.

Keep it local when you trick or treat and visit homes in your area rather than driving to another town or driving the car from house to house. If you can’t trick or treat in your area, consider driving to a local mall or another area that has parties for the kids. Park your car and walk instead of driving all night.

When it comes to candy, look for eco-friendly options that are gentle on the Earth. Find candy that is made with Fair Trade Certified Chocolate and/or organic ingredients. If you cannot do that, at least avoid the candies that are made with palm oil which is responsible for about 8% of the world’s deforestation annually.

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