Wear White Fearlessly This Weekend

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May 23, 2013

Memorial Day is this weekend. Traditionally this is the time to break out everything white in your wardrobe. Whether or not you follow this rule, you may still be hesitant about adding white to your wardrobe … no matter what the season. Maybe you’re afraid it will highlight some flaws, or you’re worried that life is a little too messy. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t matter your size or lifestyle: you can wear white right now, just in time for the holiday weekend.

Be a Rule Follower

The rule about wearing the darkest color on your heaviest area is generally a great one to follow, so how can you do that with a pair of white pants, shorts or Capris? The answer is in two parts.

First, go bold, go bright and be fearless on top. Wear a sun-scorching yellow or sherbet orange top. Find a watermelon pink to pair with the white bottoms.  Have a fun floral you want to try out?  Now is the time. Using vibrant colors (whatever works best on you) or a chevron or floral pattern on top will draw the eyes up instead of bringing the focus in on the white. Wear some stacked bracelets or a mixture of necklaces in various styles (with a solid top) to keep the attention on your upper half.

Second, make absolutely sure that the white bottoms you are wearing are a good fit.  While this is important for any item of clothing, it is crucial when wearing white.  You don’t want any bulges or stressed seams.  This is never an attractive look and it can’t be hidden. Even if that means going up a size (you typically do with white) or visiting your local tailor to get the right fit.  White is classic and never goes out of style so you are investing in your wardrobe’s future.

Tips & Tricks

There are a couple of other few key points when wearing white:

  • Keep it neutral. (We’re talking about your undergarment)s. Go flesh color and no one will have to see your polka-dot or bright white matching panties. You want to be the hit of the party for other reasons that have nothing to do with your underwear.
  • The basic shoe rule when wearing white is to go neutral.  That’s great if you need to elongate your legs or the white pants already have you stressing.  Pairing a basic nude shoe is the safest option. However, today’s style breaks that rule. You can go out of your comfort zone with black heels, pink espadrilles, or even glam it up with silver or bright blue. The choice in color and style is yours and it is fun to break from the norm.

Have fun with this classic but refreshed style this season. It really is white hot.

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