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6 Beauty Tricks to Master This Year

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January 29, 2016

Women often fall into a beauty rut, unlike teenagers, who often change their looks year to year. We look the same day in and day out. So learning the art of changing it up can not only make you look a little different each day, it can keep you looking younger too. Here are six beauty tricks to master this year.

1. The Art of the Liquid Eyeliner

There’s nothing like perfectly symmetrical cat eyes, but there may be nothing worse than jagged uneven lines that look like your preschooler put on your make up. Since there are literally hundred of tutorials online, do a search for a few and then practice ’til perfect. It’s an amazing and very modern look, especially for a night out. You also may need to experiment with a few different brands before you find THE ONE.

2. The Art of Changing Your Hairstyle
Being stuck in a rut or wearing an outdated hairstyle can adds years to your age. Not good! Sometimes just taking a few inches off, adding a few soft layers around your fave, or a side swept bang can modernize your hair so you look and feel better. Work with a stylist for the best options to suit your face. Also experiment at home with different styles you can change daily-from braids to clips to artful fishtails. It’s fun to put on a new look a few days a week.

3. The Art of Accessorizing
Take a flip through the newest fashion magazines and pick a few pieces to add to your wardrobe. Accessorizing basic outfit with jewelry, scarves, and belts can really make your wardrobe seem expanded and modern. Switch up handbags to match outfits rather than carrying the same one over and over. While many moms live in jeans or yoga pants, adding to those looks even can spruce up your style.

4. The Art of Concealing Blemishes
What feels worse than getting ready to go to work or out on the town with a big red pimple on your face? Nowadays there are so many cosmetics that artfully conceal most blemishes and can give your face a softer airbrushed look. You may need to experiment with a few different brands here too, to achieve the right coverage, but it’s worth it. Some companies offer concealers in different color pallets…like using a green based concealer to conceal red spots, then covering with skin tone products. Play around and get confident in covering your blemishes.

5. The Art of the Day-to-Night Make Up Switch
This one is hard for me. I seem to get stuck with the same look, just a bit heavier for night-time make up. But adding new color lipstick (a deeper red or burgundy) and playing up those cat eyes (see above) while adding intensity and sculpting to your blush can make a huge difference in the day to night look.

6. The Secret to Glowing Skin
No matter how you apply make up or style hair, glowing skin is the thing that makes us look youthful and dewy (think Jennifer Lopez). I highly recommend investing in some facial oils and elixirs. Oils give skin a nice glow and can be used alone or under a moisturizer. You can even use some on your cheeks under a powder blush for a creamier blush look or add a few drops OVER your make up (I have done this. It works!) to add sheen to your face. Not too shiny, but just enough to combat that winter dry look many women get, especially if you are over 40.

Mastering the art of change, the art of make up, and knowing how to hide flaws and emphasize your gorgeous parts (and yes, you have them!) will leaving you looking your best this season.

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