6 Makeup Products That Really Work

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September 9, 2014

New York Fashion Week 2014 has come and gone but the tips and tricks that makeup artists use are here to stay.  Want to know the best and brightest types of products to use?  We have all the answers here for you.  From lasting liners to luscious lipsticks that produce a lot of pigment, check out what really works.

Cover Your Bases

The first makeup many of us apply is foundation. A dab of concealer here, a dash of powder there and a swipe of foundation to even out the skin tone or hide imperfections.  Here are some amazing foundations to try:

  1. Sephora Collection Skin Perfect CC Cream SPF 20 with its licorice extract helps to even out skin tone while providing a solid coverage that doesn’t end up looking like you swiped on a mask. The cream base can be applied as sheer as you wish or blended to provide a deeper coverage. The addition of SPF 20 is a nice bonus.
  2. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer reflects light to brighten and highlight your skin versus hiding it.  Dark circles are banished fast while tiny imperfections are concealed.  Little light reflectors are this product’s secret weapon.

Lip Locked

Lips may be taking a backseat this season but that doesn’t mean we skimp on quality.

  1. NARS Satin Lip Pencil can be a gorgeous gloss and a stain all at once. Apply it in the morning for all day moisture and shine.  As the day goes on the gloss fades into a beautiful stain that stays put.
  2. MAC Lipstick is pretty much the gold standard in a delicate velvet finish that has the ability to look matte but moist at the same time. Color stays all day and doesn’t feather out or stray beyond the lines of your lips.

All Eyes on You

‘Tis the season to play up your peepers and make the world take notice; what better way than with the greatest products the industry has to offer.

  1. Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon is a super simple to use gel eyeliner that doesn’t smudge or budge once applied.  No fuss, no muss and can be applied in a minute while delivering maximum color due to its high concentration of quality pigments.
  2. Maybelline Full & Soft Washable Mascara is the best of both worlds.  Why?  Because when it comes to our eyelashes we want length! We want volume! We want drama! And we don’t want to spend five to ten minutes washing it off at the end of the day.  This little wand does it all in a flash and washes off just as quick.

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