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4 Cute Ways to Add Easter to Your Front Yard

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April 4, 2019

Have you wondered how to add Easter to your front yard? During the Christmas holidays, we see all sorts of Christmas lights and decorated front yards. It really helps make the holiday season much more festive. While there may not be Christmas trees and Christmas lights during Easter, there are a few cute ways you can make your yard more festive.

I love decorating my home, and, while most of my decorations are Christmas themed, I do have a few fun Easter decorations I like to use as well. When it comes to your front yard, you want to make sure that whatever you choose to use is weather safe. You don’t want your favorite decorations ruined because you left it out in the rain or snow.

One of my favorite ways to decorate the front yard during Easter is with brightly colored plastic Easter eggs. All you need to do is open an egg and add a piece of string or fishing lure. Then, close the egg so that one end is inside. Then, just tie the other end to a tree branch. You can add as many or as few eggs as you like. Just decorate the bottom of the tree or do the whole thing.

Depending on how warm it is in your area, you can add a few brightly colored pots of tulips or daffodils to your front steps. Have even more fun and paint the flower pots in a pastel Easter design like stripes or polka dots. Remember to water them so they stay happy for as long as possible.

Make your own yard signs out of a piece of plywood and leftover paint. You can cut the plywood into Easter egg shapes and then paint the eggs to decorate them. Or, you can cut them into rectangles and write “Welcome Easter Bunny” or “April Valley” from the Peter Cottontail movies.

If you want an idea that’s a little more simple, you can make an Easter wreath or buy one at your local craft store. Then, just add the wreath to your front door. You can also add a basket of plastic Easter eggs tied with a pretty bow to the side of your door to add a bit more color.

I hope these simple ideas will help you add a bit of Easter to your front yard this season.

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