Healthy Snack Options With #Snyders Pretzels

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January 25, 2012

I’ll admit it, I’m an avid pretzel fan. I love soft pretzels, hard pretzels, dripping in garlic butter pretzels. They are low-fat (no trans-fat), filling, and very satisfying. You can even buy them in organic, gluten-free, and multigrain options.


Pretzels are very easy to turn into a fun hors d’oeuvre or snack, or even a topping for your favorite chicken dish. Don’t believe me? Check out these amazing recipes and healthy snacking tips from the SocialMoms moms:

As an Appetizer:

This Mama Knows suggests this amazing mustard dipping sauce for your pretzels. She says, “The pretzels satisfy the salty craving and the dip adds a little extra flavor without adding a ton of calories.  A serving of regular potato chips and dip averages about 400 calories and 15 grams of fat.  A serving of this mustard dip and pretzels is only 225 calories and 3 grams of fat.”

As an Entree:

Do your kids love chicken nuggets? Why not try a healthy version with these pretzelicious chicken nuggets from Turning the Clock Back. “There is no reason to drive through the Golden Arches when your kids want chicken nuggets! Check out the recipe below for an easy chicken finger recipe that is way better than any premade nugget you will find.”

Looking for a way to jazz up your chicken? Try this Pretzel-Crusted Chicken Breasts With Cheddar Mustard Sauce recipe from The Adventures of Mommy B. It combines pretzels and mustard for an amazing taste and crunch.

As a Dessert:

Looking for a new way to make your crust? Try this fabulous strawberry cheesecake with a pretzel crust from Shannon’s Kitchen Creations. She says, “The pretzels, butter and sugar make an awesome crispy, salty, sweet crust, the middle is cheesecake and the topping is a wonderful, gooey, strawberry sauce.” It looks amazing.

There’s nothing like a mixture of salty and sweet for dessert. Adventures in All Things Food came up with this fun frozen dipped banana pops using straight pretzels. “My kids love their fun shapes, taste and small size. I love that they satisfy my love of crunchy and salty snacks. But a simple pretzel can easily be dressed up to move beyond the bowl and into the spotlight at your next party.”

For more great recipes, check out these from the SocialMoms community and Snyder’s of Hanover. And make sure you like Snyder’s on Facebook and share your healthy snack tips and pretzel recipes with us below. When you log in and leave a comment below, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a $100 gift card! (See official rules)

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