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Pucker Up: Wearing Red Lipstick at Any Age

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November 21, 2011

No matter what your makeup style, there is one thing that everyone can wear – red lips. A classic beauty look that continues to have staying power, a crimson pout is a staple in Hollywood and beyond. From legendary blondes like Grace Kelly, to nouveau starlets like Megan Fox, red lipstick never goes out of style. If you haven’t tried scarlet yet, or are afraid to give it a go, follow these tips to wear red lipstick well at any age.


If you’re a twenties gal, you don’t need to worry about what you pair your red lipstick with. At this age – anything goes. So whether you’re more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl – or prefer more structured, tailored pieces – ruby lips will work with whatever you wear. To avoid aging yourself, stick with a lipgloss with a lot of red pigment rather than a traditional lipstick. This will keep it looking age appropriate but still give you a sexy, sultry pout.


Scarlet lipstick are a great way to go for that big presentation or job interview. Just make sure to check your teeth to ensure that it stays on your lips. A quick trick to avoid it ever coming into contact with your pearly whites, try this: After applying lipstick (or gloss), simply take your index finger and place at the centre of your lips. Close your mouth and slide your index finger out. Volia – you will never get lipstick on your teeth again. For this age group, you can easily pull of a matte red. Just remember to apply liner first (all over your lips, not just around the edge), to ensure it doesn’t bleed. Choose a red lipstick with a blue-ish undertone to make your smile white and bright.

40s and beyond

The perfect red pout can take an your everyday black dress from pretty to extraordinary.  Choose a moisturizing lipstick with a slight sheen to keep your lips looking fresh. Always line your entire mouth before using the lipstick to prevent bleeding and to ensure longer wear. Remember – your liner should be almost the same color as the lipstick. No outlined lips allowed.

For all age groups, when you sport this look, your lips are the focus – so keep the rest of your makeup simple – that means no smokey eyes or bold blush. You’re going for polished, not gaudy.

Image Sources: Megan Fox | Cameron Diaz | Salma Hayek

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