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Why Vegas Is The New Wellness Travel Destination

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March 18, 2020

The Las Vegas Strip . . . probably the last place you’d rank among the healthiest destinations, but that’s because you might not have heard how things have changed. To balance out the gambling, drinking, and gluttonous buffets, many resorts have rolled out ways to make wellness part of your next getaway. 

The beauty is that you don’t need to go to extremes in either direction—you can have a Vegas escape that is fun and indulgent but also relaxing and restorative. It’s an all-new way to see Sin City! Ready to start planning? Here are some tips to help you get started. 

Get Your Steps

One thing that many tourists do when they visit Vegas is to simply walk the Strip. It’s amazing how entertaining it can be to just wander from place to place, sampling food and people watching. You probably won’t realize how much walking you’ve done until your tired legs start protesting. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, we should be getting 10,000 steps per day. Many of us aren’t even doing half of that. A few days in Vegas will help you hit that daily goal (and then some). Once you get into the groove, try to keep it up when you get home!


The MGM Resorts locations in Las Vegas have made a major push towards offering the ultimate health and wellness vacation to guests. In fact, you can design your own wellness program, complete with nutritional menu options, fitness classes, and unique experiences. You might even leave Vegas in better shape than when you arrived.

Check out the Stay Well rooms, which are designed to minimize the impact of travel on your body by providing fresher air, personalized lighting, healthy meals, and more. Then, keep track of your progress (even after you’ve gone home!) with free access to the Cleveland Clinic Wellness programs. 

Need to shake off a rough night? Head to the REVIV Hydrating IV infusion station in the MGM Grand Underground where you can choose from five therapeutic options aimed at restoring hydration, recovering from illness or jet lag, hangover relief, and more. Then, once your energy has increased, head to a Yoga with the Dolphins class for a truly unforgettable one-hour experience. 

The Majestic

Coming in 2023, The Majestic Las Vegas is going to take wellness to the next level. According to the current plans, guests will find state-of-the-art fitness facilities as well as a nutrition and spa center, without having to leave the hotel. Here’s something they won’t find: gambling. There won’t be any casinos on the property! 

Instead, guests can stay in one of the high-rise’s 720 suites, where they can feast at any of the six stand-alone restaurants (complete with world-class chefs!), a spacious pool area and live entertainment. Sign us up! 

High Roller Yoga

One of the newest attractions in Las Vegas is the High Roller Observation Wheel. It peaks at 550 feet, giving riders an absolutely breathtaking view of the city! While you can enjoy a regular ride, or even upgrade to an open bar experience, there’s a healthier option that many may enjoy.

Each pod on the High Roller is so large, that you can actually hop on board for a one-hour yoga class! A yoga teacher will provide instruction through headphones, as you move through your flow while soaring high above the Nevada desert. So cool!

The Cosmopolitan

Sleeker and more contemporary in design, you can probably tell just by looking at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas that it’s more than your standard hotel and casino. As soon as you step inside, you’ll be greeted with a wealth of healthy dining options (check out the açai bowls at The Juice Standard). 

Want to get back on track after a night of sheer debauchery? No problem! The resort is home to the bootcamp-style class, Sweat60, which combines boxing, ball slams, TRX straps, and even battle ropes. You’ll definitely get a workout because, yes, it’s as intense as it sounds.

Hike Red Rock Canyon

Just a short drive from the Las Vegas Strip, you’ll find Red Rock Canyon. You won’t believe how abruptly and incredibly the terrain changes as you approach this natural wonder. You can set up a guided hike or enjoy one (or more) of the 26 trails (of varying difficulty) on your own. There are many that are reasonable for small kids, too.

Along the canyon, which is on conserved land, you’ll discover Joshua Trees and you might even run across bighorn sheep and antelopes! Be sure to check out the breathtaking Keystone Thrust, a geological fault that could be as much as 65 million years old.

A Whole New Vegas

Not so long ago, it would have been pretty difficult to find so many health-focused options on the Strip, but things really have changed. In fact, there’s every reason to believe that Las Vegas’s transformation into a wellness hotspot will only continue. 

Along with new sports teams such as the Las Vegas Golden Knights (NHL), and the relocation of the Raiders (NFL), there are more ways than ever to enjoy a Vegas Vacation. Just keep your Fat Tuesday refillable mug and a few quarters in your pocket in case you feel the casinos calling your name.

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