Ways to Wear Red-Hot Red This Holiday Season

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December 5, 2013

Red is back!  After delving into the darker tones in the last few fall/winter seasons the ultra-bright, always classic and bold red is here.  Just in time too.  The holiday season is awash in cherry and tomato hues and it is easy to get inundated.  Check out these fun ways to play with scarlet red before the year is up.

All Made Up

Red Lips. Always in style, the red lip has never been more popular in the last forty years than it is right now.  Guaranteed to whiten your pearly whites up a few shades, a swath of red lipstick on your lips brightens your complexion, adds pop to an understated look and gives a boost of confidence.

Red Nails. Just like your lips, a red mani instantly amps up your look.  No matter how neutral the back drop a set of gleaming, glossy red nails are sure to get you into the holiday spirit or boost your mood.  You can wear them short and sporty or with some length, it doesn’t matter just as long as you keep away the chips.

Accessorize Your Heart Out

Red Shoes. Don’t listen to that old saying about a woman in red shoes. These days nothing is more charming and fashion forward than a darling pair of red shoes, even cowboy boots, capping off an outfit. Add some flair to a suit or LBD by throwing on some red heels.  Break up the humdrum mom uniform with a pair of red ballet flats or loafers.  I swear you will have a skip in your step.

Red Coat. A dash of red on a cold, dreary winter day will cheer anyone’s spirit.  It can be a tried-and-true trench coat or a wooly peacoat. Both are always in style and readily available at your local clothing and department store meaning you won’t break the bank finding the right cut and fit.

Red Purse.  A red handbag in any size or style makes a statement. From a red clutch to a structured bag it offers a dose of high style to whatever you are wearing.

Ultra Bold

Red Pants. Admit it, resistance is futile.  A pair of red denim or twill pants is where it is at right now.  You can’t deny it.  Ankle pant style, cigarette or rockstar skinny there is a cut for every body type.  Match it with heels to dress them, flats for everyday or a pair of converse style kicks for a weekend appeal. Red pants are stunning. The more you wear them the more you will love them.

How will you wear red this holiday season?

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