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3 Ways to Wear This Summer’s Hottest Colors

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April 9, 2013

The Pantone color report for Summer Fashion 2013 has been released and the colors are absolutely amazing. From coral and teal, to yellow and purple – these are the colors you should be looking for when you shop for those new summer ensembles.

The great thing about these colors is you can wear them alone or pair them together. If you’ve been on Pinterest at all lately, you’ve most likely seen the huge coral and teal (or turquoise) trend that’s very hot right now. What do I think about this color pair up? I think it’s a match made in Heaven!

If you would like to wear some of the trendy Summer 2013 colors, here are three ways to incorporate them into your wardrobe.

Head to Toe

If you’re not afraid of color and you embrace it with everything you have, then pair two of the trendy colors together and wear it from head to toe. Throw on a pair of teal shorts and a coral shirt. Then add jewelry, a handbag, and sandals in the same color. If you need a bit of balance, you can incorporate a neutral color (white, black, or even a tan color works). The end result? One head turning outfit that will make you feel like a million bucks.

Nail It

Summer means paying attention to your nails, especially those toenails that have been hiding in boots all winter long. One of my favorite ways to wear a trendy color is with nail polish. I receive more compliments when I have my nails and toes painted a bright color than I do when I’ve gone to the trouble of putting together one great looking outfit. Shop around at your local grocery store or drug store for some inexpensive, yet totally trendy, nail colors.

Digitally Accessorize

I’m having tons of fun choosing bright colors when it comes to my smart phone and tablet covers – and even my headphones. There are actual Pantone iPhone cases in the 2013 colors and they are stunning. The tangerine and emerald caught my eye instantly. Not only are you protecting those valuable electronics, you’re doing it with style.

Are you ready to embrace this year’s summer colors? You can either go all out or tone it done a bit. Whatever you decide, have a blast adding some color to your summer wardrobe.

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