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5 Ways to Embrace your Age

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August 29, 2018

Let’s face it, in a world hyper-focused on age, it’s hard not to think about the increasing number as we grow older. Worse yet, with social media in our faces all day, it’s easy to get sucked into the insecure-minded trap of comparing ourselves to the gorgeous 20-somethings posting flawless face images (although please don’t forget, filters can make even a deep wrinkle disappear into thin air).

For some women, 30 is the number where they start “feeling their age.” For others, it’s not until their 40’s where they often say “I’m old.” Still others may not think that until 70+! Others? Maybe never! They’ve learned to embrace their age without putting themselves down, comparing, or having negative feelings about growing older.

Whether you are 30, 40, 50 or 60+, it’s time to take the stigma off aging and enjoy the age you currently are. Better yet, think of yourself as ageless.

How can we better embrace aging?  Here are five ways you can start to shift your mindset today.


Work with your personal mindset because you are what you think. Think of yourself as lucky or blessed to be this age. There are many who didn’t get to this birthday. Think about the privilege it is to wake up each morning and be with your family or enjoy the day doing things you love. Think of all you do have right now and all you have done.

Don’t Stop Playing

Keeping busy and active is so important to feeling vibrant and healthy. Just because we are older, doesn’t mean we can’t still play like children. In fact, play WITH children and get so lost in the moment, you may surprise yourself at all you can still do! Children laugh a lot and laughing is contagious. They’re curious. Stay curious.

Find a Passion

I write about this often because I see too many people forgetting their passions over the years, or claiming they just don’t have the time anymore. If you love something and think about it: do it. Is there an activity you’ve always wanted to do? Learn to play the flute, take up sewing, paint at the beach, try yoga, write a book, raise alpacas, anything! Start today. Why wait? When you get your creative juices flowing, it’s like a fountain of youth! Your energy will be restored because your spirit will be happier. You will actually look better because you are doing things you love!

Take Care

Speaking of sluggish, our bodies change over time and that’s not something to be scared of. Rather, do your best to take care of your body exquisitely. Eat cleaner. Go to bed earlier. Walk daily. Stretch. Try Tai Chi or meditation. Read books. You will be showing your body, mind, and spirit how much you care. And in turn, you will look healthier and younger.

Be Grateful

As the saying goes, “Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” When you wake up, say a gratitude prayer. When you go to bed at night, think of three or more things you are grateful for. Start a gratitude journal. Paint a gratitude rock and carry it with you. Read books on how gratitude is life-changing. Yes, at any age! When we forget to be grateful for our health, our homes, our jobs, our spouses, and we go through the day on autopilot, we simply cannot feel as happy as we can. To be content and fulfilled our hearts have to be full of gratitude!

Bonus: Look in the mirror

See a few wrinkles you don’t like? Grey hair? Sagging cheeks? A bit of a belly? Dimples on your thighs? Remember, you can still be concerned with how you look and do all you can to look younger: if that makes you happy. Get the facial laser. Lose the weight. Color your hair. But the feelings you feel are often your own harshest critic. Those who love you just want to see your smiling face.

So is it easy to actually embrace aging? Not always. We tend to be tough on ourselves. As a society, we focus on the young and beautiful, I get that. However, when you do your best daily to be HAPPY with the age you are, to be grateful for today and to not constantly be thinking “If only I was younger,”you can stay youthful, vibrant and happy for many more years!

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