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Family Fun for Labor Day 2014

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August 13, 2014

Labor Day is the last long weekend to enjoy summer. Kids are already headed back to school, the weather is getting cooler and that carefree feeling gradually takes a backseat to the rush leading up to the holiday season. For this reason, so many try people try to take advantage of this three-day weekend. Whether you can get away or have to stay close to home, there are so many ways to make it fun for the whole family.

Hit the Beach

There are few things more associated with summer than a day at the beach. Some people have the means (and vacation time!) to get on a plane and visit one of the world’s many sandy shores but many of us have beaches right in our backyard. Grab a book, fill your cooler with ice, drinks and snacks for one last day in the sun.

Backyard Cookout

Invite your friends and family over for a barbecue and go all out.  Throw hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, ribs and sausage on the grill and set out a full salad bar. Have people bring potato and macaroni salad, try a new punch recipe and put on some great music. Kick back and enjoy an evening of togetherness.


Many organizations are preparing for the upcoming school year by gathering supplies for those in need. Check your area to see if any of these charitable groups need a hand sorting and distributing these items. It’s a great way to do something good for others as a family and can really help your children realize how fortunate they are. Take the opportunity to talk about those who are less fortunate and the many ways that we can help.

Go Fly a Kite

Look up the instructions online and pick up the supplies you need to make kites. Let each person create their own designs and spend some time putting them together. If necessary, allow the kites to set or dry and then head out to an open space where you can put your handy work to the test. It can be so much fun to see your own creations take flight!


The first week in September is such a perfect time to go camping. It’s still warm but not overwhelmingly hot, the number of bugs is dwindling and there’s a sense of the seasons beginning to change. What a great time to be out enjoying nature! If you can’t get away to the deep woods, set up a tent in your backyard.

Whatever you choose to do, take the time to relax and enjoy this last long weekend of summer.

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