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The Insider’s Guide to Following Trends

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July 17, 2012

For any aspiring fashionista, nothing quite beats the feeling of rocking a new look. Finding innovative trends, incorporating them into your personal style, and wearing them out on the town (plus enjoying all the great compliments you get) is what makes fashion fun. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s hard to know where to look for inspiration – so we’ve got some great tips for you on finding, following, and creating trends that reflect your personal fashion vibe and style.

Keep Up with Trends

Fashion moves fast, and it’s important to keep up. Here are some sites we love for staying current. Also, don’t forget those abundant celebrity gossip sites – you can check out what your favorite celebs are wearing and borrow their looks (when you’re not, of course, deciphering what their tattoos say or what that ring on their left hand means):

Always keep an eye out for ways to think outside the box, too; for example, many home improvement magazines actually have great inspiration for fashion print ideas. The following are our favorite magazines for staying ahead of the curve. Don’t forget that most publications these days have online versions, which is good for the environment (and your wallet).

Small Town, Big Vision?            

It may seem like you have to live the life of Blair Waldorf to be up-to-date on fashion, but that’s not true at all – thanks to the internet. Most designers upload their shows online as soon as they air. Even if your favorite designers don’t, will have photos online within a day or two. Plus, writers and bloggers who attend designer shows are guaranteed to post pictures and coverage online as soon as they can – all you have to do is look.

No matter where you live, if you have an internet connection, you have all the tools you need to be the next big style icon. Sometimes, this is an even better route from which to get information over TV or magazines, whose content is constrained to the decisions of large companies with (sometimes) limited viewpoints. With the internet sites like Polyvore show you what customers really like, and allow individuals to make their own personal statements. It’s a great outlet for you to share your own style, as well as to get new ideas and information about upcoming trends. Sometimes, the easiest way to develop your style is to start defining it – and that’s what these sites help you do.

People Watching

This is actually a great source for spotting new look. You never know where you’ll be inspired. We recommend shopping malls, airports, coffee shops, parks, restaurants, art galleries, bars, sporting events, concerts, or anywhere else where you’re bound to see a diverse group of people jammed in one place. If you can find a crowd, you can find fashion ideas. Remember to stay open-minded no matter where you are, too. Something what seems crazy at first may have the potential to become your new favorite trend, with a little personal tweaking of your own.

Fashion moves fast, but with great outlets like magazines, fashion websites, and blogs, it’s easy to keep up with trends – and start some of your own. You never know where inspiration will strike, either – so never take things at face value, and don’t be afraid to look in non-traditional places for your next great fashion muse. Happy styling!

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