Chocolate Ice Cream, Waffles, Pudding and More! #TruMoo

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February 20, 2014

My kids adore chocolate milk and I love it too – especially when they choose it over of a high-sugared fruit drink or soda. TruMoo is flavored milk that is nutritious and delicious! TruMoo contains no artificial growth hormones and is packed with calcium, and vitamins A&D.  It is sweetened with just enough sugar to supplement the naturally occurring sugar in milk and it contains no high fructose corn syrup.  TruMoo tastes great in recipes, and our SocialMoms members shared their favorites with us! TruMoo Chocolate Milk isn’t just a tasty treat to enjoy every now and then. It’s a nutritious choice for the whole family, and a win-win mom can serve every day.


Lori with A Day in Motherhood shows off her chocolate pudding recipe that she makes with TruMoo. “I am a firm believer that you can not have too much chocolate. Not even a little bit of too much chocolate. In fact, more chocolate is always a good thing! My kids LOVE the taste of TruMoo so I knew any recipe I made with it would be a hit.”


Courtney with Courtney’s Sweets gives us this amazing chocolate ice cream recipe. “TruMoo is creamy, so as soon as I tried it I knew what I wanted to use it for… ICE CREAM.  My girl can have ice cream made from TruMoo!  I simply froze some in ice cube trays overnight and made ice cream in literally 3 minutes. CRAZY, right?!”


Stefanie with Mommy Musings gives us a recipe for Chocolate Milk Waffles. “If you think TruMoo is just for drinking, think again! Its rich taste makes for a great substitute in recipes that contain milk. I thought it would be fun to try TruMoo in one of my favorite waffle recipes to make super chocolatey Chocolate Milk Waffles — a chocolate lovers dream come true!”


Jennifer with Double Duty Mommy gives us this amazing Triple Chocolate Worms In Dirt Cups recipe! “Little boys and girls love to play in the dirt but I’m one of those moms who cannot stand a dirty kid. There is however one type of “dirt” I always allow my kids to enjoy. Chocolate pudding, chocolate cookies, and of course the worm coming out of it makes every child (and adult) smile instantly – Worms In Dirt.”


Mickey with A Helicopter Mom shares her homemade whipped cream hearts that she enjoys with TruMoo. “Since the weather has been freezing here lately, we’ve started enjoying TruMoo a new way – as hot chocolate. It’s a delicious, warm treat that the kids all love.”

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