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10 Simple Summer Beauty Tips

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May 17, 2019

Summer means hot weather and long days in the sun. It also means we can add a few summer beauty tricks to our beauty routine to keep us looking fab while not wasting time when we’d rather be on the beach, at the pool, or strolling a quaint town or trendy cafe with friends (ahh, the summer life!)

We’ve compiled ten simple beauty tips that keep you in tip-top summer shape and are easy. Don’t worry Mama, it’s not about perfection, it’s just taking some simple steps and keeping it real this summer.

  1. Do you color your hair? If so, a color saving spray is a must! Spritz in a leave-in conditioner with SPF even if you plan on wearing a hat. You never know when you might want to take the hat off, and you’ll feel better knowing you’ll get less fade.
  2. If you have oily skin or tend to get a slick nose shine halfway through the day, invest in a good oil-free mattifying serum or spray to use under your base makeup. Or go without foundation and just use the serum! Minimal makeup in summer is easier when it’s hot and muggy anyway.
  3. Stock your summer handbag with three must-haves for wherever you go: a razor for the little stubborn hairs you missed, a tweezer (because sunlight shows everything) and an SPF lip balm because sunburned lips are plain awful.
  4. Your feet need extra attention this season! Keep them smooth and soft with a foot scrub. You can even make your own with epson salt or sugar. Follow up with a creamy moisturizer and don’t forget a pretty pedicure.
  5. Another handbag/beach bag must have is water. Toss in a reusable BPA free water bottle to drink out of, and also include a water-based skin mist to cool off. These are sold by many brands now as facial hydrating or makeup setting mists. Packed with ingredients like tea, essential oils, fruit extracts, aloe, and coconut water, there are multiple benefits for your skin. When you overheat, misting your face, neck and chest area can save the moment. Just make sure your sunscreen is water resistant, or reapply as instructed.
  6. This is the season to do less with your hair and try new summery looks. Skip the blow drying if you can. Air dry hair and pull into a low pony or messy bun. Experiment with a simple braid or even a colorful scarf. Summer hair is casual and when it’s off your neck and face, you get that extremely satisfying benefit of feeling five degrees cooler.
  7. Skip the deep rich winter lipstick and switch to a light summery coral or pink, or even a nude look of just a lip balm.
  8. Once a week, use a deep conditioner on your hair since the sun, pool water, and salt water can really do a number on it. Make those appointments for a mid and end of summer trim!
  9. Get enough sleep! It’s easy to want to stay up late when the sun doesn’t even set til 9:00 PM, but stick close to your routine and give your body the beauty sleep it needs. Invest in a sleep mask, some blackout curtains, and set the air conditioner to a temperature where you can snooze without sweating. The bonus for many moms is no alarm clock for school hours.
  10. Load up on fruit. I don’t think I need to remind anyone, but put this on the top of the grocery list. Fruits like watermelon and cantaloupe have a high water content and antioxidants for the skin!

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