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5 Fall Hair Color Trends You Need To Know

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September 3, 2018

Fall is nearly upon us and with it comes a change in temperature, clothing, and maybe even your hair color! If you’re wondering about the latest fall hair color trends, we have a few seasonal colors to consider.

Fall is all about pumpkin spice, vibrant golden autumn colored leaves, and cooler tones to match the falling temperatures. When it comes to trying something new, here are a few style trends we’ll be seeing more of this year.

Golden Tones

This one is good for nearly any hair color, as we all have golden tones that can be brought out, but it’s especially a good color idea for brunettes. It’s a simple matter of highlighting the gold, strawberry blonde, or reddish undertones in your hair. The tone you highlight will depend on the overall color of your hair. Blonde hair can have strawberry blonde highlights. Brunettes can highlight blonde or even copper to bring out the shine.


Balayage is a technique that applies hair dye in a way that creates a graduated decrease in color from root to end. The color is applied in a more natural way than ombre shading and requires a less frequent application to maintain the color because the roots are kept natural. The end result after using the balayage technique is a softer, more natural look. This trendy idea is popular with celebrities including Jennifer Aniston, Cat Graham, and Jessica Alba.

Cold Brew Color

Just like it sounds, cold brew color is all about the different shades of coffee. Think of the way your coffee swirls as you add creamer and you’ll be on the right track. Cold brew color is all about adding golden or caramel swirls throughout your hair.

Rich Brown Colors

While summer is often about blonde beach waves, this fall we’ll be seeing more rich brown chocolate colors. To keep your hair from looking flat, be sure to leave a few golden highlights or add a high gloss to your color. Consider this the perfect time to give your hair a break from bleach and return to your natural brown color.

Gloss Smudging

Gloss smudging is a technique that eliminates the area between your real color at your roots and your dyed color. This process smudges the area to make it softer by applying a gloss to your roots. The end result is a more natural look as your hair grows out.

These five fall hair color trends are going to be popular this year, so, don’t be afraid to speak to your stylist about trying one of these at your next salon visit!

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