Top 6 Skincare Mistakes and How to Stop Them

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November 1, 2016

Are you still washing your face with hot water or bar soap? Do you forget to wash your face before you head to bed or exfoliate daily? I know I have been guilty of that last one and a few other skincare taboos. Stop before it is too late and start taking care of your skin with these guidelines. Trust me, your skin will thank you—and its radiance will once again shine through.

  1. You use an old moisturizer. I’m not talking about one you bought last fall, but the skin creams you bought in your twenties or early thirties. It’s not working for you. Your face and its texture evolve just like your style. Find a daily skin cream that hydrates and contains glycerin and hyaluronic acid to ward off the signs of aging and prevent further water loss.
  2. You exfoliate and exfoliate and exfoliate. Yes, dead skin cells dampen your glow. Yes, they accumulate over time but time isn’t going at warp speed when it comes to skin cell turnover. Stop exfoliating daily and let your skin rest and hydrate.  Removing the dead skin cells allows skin to soak up moisturizing ingredients, but it becomes parched if it is always getting scrubbed. Stick to once a week and pick a designated exfoliation day.
  3. You soak up the suds. It may feel good but it doesn’t work for your face. The surfactants that create all those fun bubbles are ruining your complexion by drying it out. Find a low suds cleanser, or better yet a facial oil or balm to clean your skin.
  4. You only care about the oily t-zone. Fighting the signs of aging while still facing acne too? You need more than one product to deal with these two problems, so stop trying to use an all-in-one product. No one item can treat acne, fix wrinkles, and keep skin supple. Treat each problem with its own product and you will see real results.
  5. You wash too frequently. Some women skip night washing, but others wash too often. Washing in the AM and PM can deplete skin and irritate it. Rinse with water in the morning and remove the oil, dirt, and makeup at night.
  6. You’re exposed to too much sun. Sun salutations are best done in yoga class and not with your face. Skipping sunscreen leads to long term damage and ages your facial skin fast. Find a moisturizer with SPF 30 or above, and apply it as the last step in your morning skincare routine.

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