Haunting Halloween Recipes

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October 4, 2011

It’s almost Halloween and time for Halloween recipes.

As I look outside my window, I see the beginning signs of fall, just a pane of glass between us, the leaves wave to me as the wind whirls them back and forth on the branches, as if to say, “Hello”. I love the fall season-football games, back to school (and new back to school outfits), chilly nights, and the fall colors-all put me in the autumn mood. When I think of fall, my thoughts wander to the visions of candy corns dancing in my head, when suddenly–crack, my thoughts are interrupted, as a wind blown tree branch bangs against the side of my house–bringing me back to present moment. It’s no secret that I love Halloween time. It’s like a “hall pass” to eat mini candies and sweets, to your heart’s content-forat least for one 24-hour period-while wearing a silly costume.

While surfing the web for kitchen creation inspiration, I came across some pretty satisfyingly scary entrees. Perfect for classroom parties, Halloween gatherings, or mealtime fun!

Apple a Day

When I think of fall meals, I think of the colors, aromas and seasonal ingredients. This Cheddar with Sauteed Apples side dish from Recipe.com would pair perfectly with chicken or beef. It’s served on a kid-familiar cracker and it offers up an extra 5 grams of protein to your meal and is lick-your-lips delish.

Smile for Me

As a mother to three boys, I sometimes find it tricky to get them to eat their veggies. Well, not any more, thanks to the Goblin Grins found at Family Fun, my sons have been munching veggies, ever since their first bite. This is a perfect idea for classroom parties-the other moms will love your clever nutrition.

Hugs for Mummy

When I think of Halloween, I think of mummies. I can still remember the old time monster movies I’d watch on Friday nights with my parents and siblings. I’d get so scared, especially of the mummy. These little Hot Dog Mummies from Family Fun are the perfect “scare” to get your kiddos munching. To make this even healthier, I’ve substituted and used the chemical-free, ready-to-use crescent rolls from Immaculate Baking Company-same great taste, less chemicals and preservatives.

Since we’re on the subject of mummies, these mini Pizza Mummies found at Family Fun are so darn cute, you’ll end up eating them all yourself. I use the English Muffins from Rudi’s Organic Bakery, to avoid any chemicals or preservatives.

Scary Strawberries

You’ve got to love a treat that’s loaded with Vitamin C. These cute little Stawberry Halloween Ghosts from Taste of Home, really hit the spot. They’re so inviting and festive, you may even want to use them for your mom’s get-together party–you’ll be a howling success.

Finger Fun

Next time you make some pasta, remember to serve the breadsticks, the Witches Hairy Breadsticks, that is. These creepy fingers look so real, your kids will be amazed–and they’re tasty, too.

Happy Halloween.

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