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Holiday Gifts for the Athlete Inspired Mom

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November 28, 2011

Mothers who are athletes really do love getting cool new fitness products and gadgets for the holidays. For you husbands and kids, always wondering what to gifts to get, I’ve got an idea for all types of athlete moms. Everything from the Cyclist to Triathlete to Cross Fitter, there are cool new products out there that they’d love to open this holiday season.

The Cyclist Mom

For the cyclist, depending on whether they are touring or riding competitively, women love theseBolero Jackets by Yellowman. These “jackets” are perfect to wear on a cold morning and upon finishing a ride, and yet, they will still fold down really small into a jersey pocket.  

Women also love a good pair of warm cycling knickers for winter. These knickers made by Sheila Moonhave been designed by a women for women’s bodies. They will keep you warm and snug all winter.  

Finally, cyclists love a good pair of sunglasses.  Rudy Project is the best brand for many different types of sports, but, especially cyclists. I particularly love that Rudy Projects can be returned for a “tune up” at any time while you have the glasses for a very low fee. They even have an entire line of glasses just for women, called Rudy Girl.

The Runner Mom

For the woman runner, Oiselle Running Apparel, again has been designed and created by women for women.  The two best products for women by Oiselle, although, I love them all, are the Women’s Hoodie and the Knicker.  The knickers last forever, have a back zipper to hold a key or chap stick, and are really tight on the knee. Perfect for runners along with a hoodie, your wife will be thrilled.

The Cross Trainer Mom

For the avid cross trainer, a good headband, long socks and a good pair of Cross TrainingShoes will do wonders for their moral. The long socks can protect the shins and ankles from barbells and rope burn and can add a little flair to hard workouts. Another great choice for the lifting mom is a good log book to record weights lifted, PR’s and workouts.

Finally, if you’re not sure exactly what to get your athlete mom, ask their best woman friend.  We talk to each other all the time about what we’d like, but, won’t buy for ourselves.  We are your best resources for making your wife happy during the holidays.

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