11 Top Must-Haves For Your Summer Handbag

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May 27, 2016

The weather is warming up and you want to look your best. It’s time to stock your handbag with beauty and health items that can tolerate the heat (even when you can’t)! Toss these items in your purse, your tote bag, or whatever you use when headed to the beach, park, sports games, etc.

  1. Facial Spritz. Not only do spritzers hydrate dry skin without messing make up, they feel fabulous on a hot day to help you cool down. Keep one in the fridge at home too. And if you hit the beach, pop it in the cooler for a refreshing spritz anytime you need.
  2. Bug Spray. This goes without saying in the summer months. Insect bites are painful and not very pretty. There are Deet-free alternatives that are safer or you can make your own homemade ones using essential oils and witch hazel. Pour into a small spray bottle and keep one with you or in the car.
  3. Bee Sting Relief. These little roll ons help ease the pain from the sting, as most have some form of lidocaine in them. If bee allergies are present, also carry an epi-pen.
  4. Band-Aids. Every mom knows that a little bag with Band-Aids and antibacterial gel come in quite hand for summer mishaps and falls.
  5. Hand Sanitizer. Oh the stuff we touch when out and about! Germs lurk in all season. Use a hand sanitizer without dangerous chemicals or an essential oil based one.
  6. Q-tips. Ever get the under-eye raccoon look from sweating or getting wet in a pool or waterpark? Q-tips gently remove the drips while leaving any remaining eye make up on.
  7. Essential Oil Roller. Fast-paced theme parks or a jam packed vacation can make you a bit wired. Late nights too. Essential oil rollers come in many blends – look for a de-stressing or relaxing one and roll on as needed to get through the day. They are ones for focus and for energy and uplifting your mood too.
  8. Sunscreen. Again, it’s an obvious thing but sunscreens often come in large bottles. Be sure to have some smaller travel size ones (or put in your own bottles) so you have some in every bag and are never without it.
  9. Lip Balm. The sun can harm our lips too! Look for oxybenzone free and chemical free lip balm that protect lips while moisturizing from the drying effects of sun, wind and salty air.
  10. Sunglasses. Mine are usually on my head but consider a spare pair packed with you when you don’t want to be caught at a beach, or driving, without the protection of sunglasses. Look for lenses that block 100% both UVA and UVB, which is most glasses on the market nowadays.
  11. Hat. Have a sun hat or visor with you for those times in direct sun that you just can’t find any shade. Pack a few extra for the kids too.

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